Drupal Popcorn Meetup

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2012-09-27 07:30 - 08:30 America/Vancouver

Popcorn Road Map with all interested developers.

From @kreynen
Also, please look at Demo #1 on http://popcorn.alittlehelphosting.com/ before the call. All of the code I used to do that is committed, but popcorn_fake_views is just a textarea at this point. I guessing it will take 4-6 hours to write the View handlers and formatting needed to populate that part with Cue Builder driven View output.

Please send @sunnydeveloper your gmail for hangout invite (unless I already have it)


I would like to hear about

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I would like to hear about the current status of popcornjs & drupal but I'm unable to make the call in the morning - commuting :(.
Do you plan to take notes/post a follow up?.
- Tom

I have a ReadyTalk account we

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I have a ReadyTalk account we can use for the call and screen sharing that would give us a little more control than Google hangouts and allows recording the audio and video from the call. I find recording the call and posting it only takes a few minutes while recapping everything discussed takes long enough I never get around to doing it. Any interest in that?

Sounds good :) just let us

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Sounds good :) just let us know the details when you have them


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