Support wanted for having 'Drupal booth' at Dev conference and drupal camp in Korea

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Drupal is going to be spread out and exposed bigger than ever in Korea soon.

Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 is scheduled on Oct 6th 2-6PM for 100 seats and already more than 111 people signed up for 120 limit signup capacity.

Not many people ever heard of Drupal in Korea and this camp is not like other drupal camp in USA or European countries.
It is more like introducing Drupal along with other CMS.
I wondered if Drupal Association would be interested in supporting to spread out Drupal in Korea with this event.
One thing I thought was having video setup and edit and share/upload.
I asked video grapher for quote for 4 hour Drupal camp event and he gave friend quote of 190 US dollar amount to shoot the videos and edit for each session.
This is Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 sign up page.

This is my rough English translation of the event schedule.

Also second big thing is Dev On web conference organized by Korea's one of the major portal/search engine/community company.
Dev On Conference Oct 12th 09:30~16:00

All the IT and web industry leaders and professors, students, hobbiests and communities are participating in this huge conference.
Korea Drupal also got the booth for spreading drupal and ALSO got the talk session.
I am going to volunteer at this conference to be at the Drupal booth to spread out drupal.
For this event, I was wondering if Drupal association would be interested in sponsoring or supporting Drupal t-shirts or something for this kind of event.
I never went to this type of event a community or tech booth before...if you have some tips or advice on how we can help drupal to spread in Korea well with this opportunity.

This is google translation version of the Dev on conference page.
You can see Drupal Korea community participation news.

This is 16 selected community booth.

This is full session program -google translated page.

I would appreciate for any support or advice or tips. :)
I am participating as drupal user...not as web company or any business related situation.

I hope Korea will get to know Drupal (better) soon!!!


Community Cultivation Grants

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This looks like a perfect case for

I received one to help our local event and made this out of it



Thank you!!

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I read thoroughly and will apply one!
Thank you so much for your kind reply Steve!


How did it go? I'm looking

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How did it go? I'm looking forward to hearing about it :)

Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association

It went GREAT! :)

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Thank you Donna! It went GREAT!
80 people came and we shared what we could!
Also took videos and videographer is editing now!!
Many people new to Drupal came and it was very nice!
This is my slideshare with more than 90 photos of DrupalCon Munich 2012. ;)
I talked too much!! Exceeding my share what Drupal was about and the community was about.

I will post more details with other speakers slideshare as well formally.

Thank you for the encouragement and support! :)

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