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Move d.o. servers / DA to another country

Original title: Move d.o. servers to an other country

Disclaimer: Added the part about the DA, since only moving servers still owned by an American company is not going to make a difference.

Given the new political changes and the changes to respecting the privacy of non US residents, it might be a good idea to move the DA and all hosting to a country that does respect the privacy.

Since I've been accused of trolling some clarification:

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From Kenn Dillard - My Open Letter to the Community

Why can't I show up via video at your hangout? There is no reason and that is why I want your vote to be on the board for Drupal. It is an office for those that want to serve people and look after the well being of the user groups (i.e the community).

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Nigeria Drupal Group Meet-up at Shoprite, Ikeja Lagos on June 28th.

Here's just 10 Great Reasons to attend this coming Drupal Nigeria Lagos user group

1. Networking and promotional opportunities
Being active in the local Drupal community is a good way to meet others, and supporting local Drupal events is a great way to foster the local community, as well as align your brand and expertise with the global Drupal project.
2. Employment opportunities.

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Should Drupal.org participate in political issues?

Recently, the Association posted a discussion here in groups (https://groups.drupal.org/node/398548) which resulted in the Association registering Drupal.org to participate in TheDayWeFightBack (https://drupal.org/node/2188053). As we have discussed, there were technical issues we could have addressed differently (see the discussion: https://groups.drupal.org/node/407283), but we also heard from many community members who felt that Drupal.org should never be involved in any kind of political campaign at all.

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Drupal.org hits 1 million users!

If you have been on Drupal.org today, you may have noticed something interesting near the bottom of the page. At some point during the past 24 hours, the millionth user joined Drupal.org!

It's worth taking a moment to think about. A million registered users. 228 countries. 181 languages. And counting.

As Dries pointed out in his keynote at Prague, more than 1,600 people have contributed to Drupal 8. That’s nearly double the number of contributors for Drupal 7.

The Drupal community is truly global and it’s always growing, always moving forward, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Community Governance - Dries' Proposals

A week or so ago, Dries posted this


Which links to a number of draft charters for working groups focussed on different facets of the community, the software project, our tools and infrastructure.

Dries wrote


blockquote>This is a work in progress. Please help shape the future of Drupal.org governance by reviewing and commenting on the following proposals:



  • Drupal.org Infrastructure Working Group
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    Support wanted for having 'Drupal booth' at Dev conference and drupal camp in Korea

    Drupal is going to be spread out and exposed bigger than ever in Korea soon.

    Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 is scheduled on Oct 6th 2-6PM for 100 seats and already more than 111 people signed up for 120 limit signup capacity.

    Not many people ever heard of Drupal in Korea and this camp is not like other drupal camp in USA or European countries.
    It is more like introducing Drupal along with other CMS.
    I wondered if Drupal Association would be interested in supporting to spread out Drupal in Korea with this event.
    One thing I thought was having video setup and edit and share/upload.

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    Improving web conferencing tools


    Web conferencing is becoming more an integral part of how we collaborate yet we seem to have problem upon problem and every time try out different services. Webchick said happy to hear about alternatives that are as inclusive as a phone, I believe the open source ones will connect using asterisk.

    We've had issues on call quality, costs, scaling, so thinking a little longer term would it be good to investigate investing in our own infrastructure for this? Or perhaps work with other projects who may have similar issues?

    Here's a few links:

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    Is there a table listing D6 contributed modules that have been ported to D7?

    To date I have found no quick way to determine which Drupal 6 contributed modules have been ported to Drupal 7.

    This information is critical to version selection, and to site building.

    Do you know of one, such as an automatically-updated table that provides this information?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Make Drupal Association more visible on drupal.org

    One of the most important financial sources for Drupal Association are membership fees. They help fund community projects like DrupalCon scholarships, grants, Drupal.org improvements and more. Currently, there are 800,000 d.o user accounts and only 3,000 of them are Association members. We are looking for ways of increasing this number. If we can grow our membership we will be able to raise more money for various community projects, most importantly for Drupal.org itself.

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