Still need speakers for October

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We're still looking for people to share with us during the October user group meeting. Does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about?

Update, 10/10:

Wednesday, Oct 10 lineup looks like this:

  1. jyee talking about flags + cart
  2. ryanmiglavs with awesome donation form
  3. bleedev talkin' bout beans


Maybe it's a good month for

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Maybe it's a good month for lightning rounds?

Just an idea, but what about

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Just an idea, but what about a mini un-conference instead of presentations, with little focus groups on topical areas TBD on the day? I don't recall that being tried before, but then I don't make it to the drug much anymore. I love lightning rounds too of course, and I'll be happy with anything, but I would love to compare notes with some people who are maintaining distributions (and as luck has it, I will be there this month! :).

I could 15 min. on custom

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I could 15 min. on custom Bean creation / Bean config if you are still looking for presenters for next week.

I love the unconference

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I love the unconference idea.

I could also present on creating a simple shopping cart/store using Flags 3.x-dev (which runs on entities).

Be willing to present

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I'd be willing to talk about our experience building a custom Drupal-Salesforce integration if anyone would be interested.

I'd also be willing to talk about our work designing the best damn non-profit donation form that e'er existed. Yeah, sorry, a bit of pride in there. I could talk about any of the process, from concept to design to architecture to dev.

Happy to just show up and meet folks, too!

I would enjoy this

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I would enjoy this information :)

me too!

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me too!

More Info on the donation form

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I'd like to know more about your form if you're willing to share it! lol

A usable ecommerce "thing"

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A usable ecommerce "thing" would be nice to see.

I like the unconference idea.

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I like the unconference idea. Do we want to give this a shot?

We could have three stations:

  1. jyee with flags + cart
  2. ryanmiglavs with awesome donation form
  3. bleedev talkin' bout beans
  4. anyone else who steps up last minute (people rarely do, however)

Attendees can then hit each station for a smaller, in-person style presentation?

Does each presenter need full hour?

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Just wondering why unconf style — depends on how long each presenter wants. Three 15-minute presentations (back to back) would be sweet, I think.

Yeah, I don't think the

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Yeah, I don't think the unconference format would add much for presentations like this. Since we have a few good presenters lined up, perhaps we can save the unconference for another day.

I'd still like a station

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I'd still like a station about maintaining distributions; I'd love to get a sense of some project maintenance workflows that people are using, take a tour through some code, hear about the newest features of Features, etc. I guess what I'm looking for is a BOF session. Heh. Forgot about those.

I've got an interest in this as well.

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I've got a setup that I use for the maintenance of a distro I and my team use to kick off projects - but I'd be curious to see if others have similar/different approaches.

Perhaps it's a thing we can discuss at brewpal sometime, and get ourselves together for an actual presentation at the user group?

At some point either this

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At some point either this meeting or the one after that, I'd love to present on data modeling with Entity API.

I'd like to see mikey_p's

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I'd like to see mikey_p's presentation on data modeling!

I second the motion.

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I second the motion.

Looks like unconference has a

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Looks like unconference has a lot of support. Let's say we have our 4-5 "presentations" and basically each presenter gives the same 15 minute blurb 3 times so people get an opportunity to rotate through a couple of different ones. We'll spread around the room to different groups of chairs.

Sounds good for Wednesday folks?

Actually this seems like more

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Actually this seems like more work than it's worth to me (and it was originally my idea) - if we only have a few presentations, and we don't want to do something more general like working groups, it seems like it would be easier to stick to the standard presentation format.

Ok, now I'm confused about

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Ok, now I'm confused about what we want to do Wednesday.

The way i see it, we have

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The way i see it, we have possibly 5 things:

  • jyee with flags + cart
  • ryanmiglavs with awesome donation form
  • bleedev talkin' bout beans
  • mikey_p data modeling with entities
  • dnotes BoF on distros

That's probably a bit small for an unconference, but too much for a single meetup. I think mikey_p said he's open to next month and I'm willing to postpone a month (it'd definitely help my schedule). So maybe we can do a regular meetup with ryanmiglavs, bleedev and an open discussion led by dnotes?

You can mark me down as

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You can mark me down as preferring next month, as I haven't had a ton of time to prepare.

I like to hear questions from

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I like to hear questions from the group since I haven't had exposure to some subjects we consume. Missing out on that makes me think conf style is more useful to the entire group (0.02).

Do you mean that you'd rather

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Do you mean that you'd rather have more questions after a presentation or that you'd like to have more of an open question/answer time where anyone could pose a question and receive answers/feedback/discussion from the entire meetup?

I mean that some topics I

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I mean that some topics I don't have any good questions since I haven't used/broke/tried-to-make-better the subject at hand. Others in the group have that missing experience and often raise good questions that provide an ah-ha moment sometime in the future. So to answer, yes more question time would be good, but most times its just a few questions, then <crickets.wav>, so not sure that allocating more time is of more help.

I was voting for conf style to allow those unknown questions to bubble up. I would also vote for general open Q/A (as you mention), but i (personally) get plenty of that with the Lucky Lab time/Brewpal and the frontend meetup.

I tend to agree that the

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I tend to agree that the brief presentation format would be a better fit than unconference-style in this case. Just seems like we'll gain more from questions, as mpgeek mentions, and we don't have that many speakers. I'm honestly open to any format, though.

I'm willing to present now or next month, but this donation form project is fresh in my mind since we're launching it in a week, so if you want the freshest donate form info now's the time ;-)

Just to verify:We're ok with

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Just to verify:

We're ok with dropping the unconference idea and instead doing a regular meetup with ryanmiglavs, bleedev, and dnotes speaking?

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Yes to dropping unconference.

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Yes to dropping unconference. As for presentations, I'd like to cede my time to jyee's shopping cart / flags presentation, which seems to have a number of votes above.

Gotcha, I'm sure jyee can

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Gotcha, I'm sure jyee can jump in!

Example site

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I could do a talk about a recent project I finished.

Drupal 7

  • Drupal Commerce
    o Subscriptions
    o Memberships
    o shippable products
    o Coupons
    o Event registration
    o Event Submissions
    o Classifieds Submissions
  • Maps integration
  • Member Directory
  • 3rd party Data consumption via Feeds modules
  • Multiple features driven "features"

and about 90 different features.

Robert Foley Jr
Solutions Architect

Request for code from presenters?

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Enjoyed hearing from folks last night though I must admit to suffering from a bit of drinking-from-a-fire-hose syndrome. :)

Any chance the presenters could provide links to their github or contrib modules that they presented on last night? I, for one, would love to dive in and take a closer look.

Thank you, presenters!

Amber Himes

Links for Bean modules

Portland (Oregon)

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