Skinr Libraries - Do they exist?

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Hi guys :) I've just watched a couple of Skinr screencasts, checked out the website and the Skinr Project page but I haven't been able to find anything like the Skinr Libraries that I've heard mention of in the screencasts. More specifically, Jacine mentioned a few times that she'd like to have a repository on d.o for people to upload skins that they have created, like the 960 grid she used in one of her screencasts. I would love to be able to use and contribute to something like this, as Skinr tackles quite a few of the things that I've found annoying in Drupal theming.

So my question: Has something like this ever been set up? I've searched quite a few different places, but have come up trumps :(

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I am interested too

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It would be great to build such library, similar to Shorcodes module for Wysiwyg

For menus: different CSS3 shadow options, animations
For Headers and site-wide text: CSS3 inset or shadows
For blocks: color variations, border options

I assume this makes drupal theming much easier.

New module: Skins

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I posted a quick port of the Fusion skins to a new module using Skinr, Skins. The aim is to provide skins that are independent of any particular theme or base theme. Testers, bug fixers, and comaintainers needed!

testing time!

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Hello Nedjo,

Willing to test - where do we find the usage / testing instructions? Thanks.

@marcrobinsone: Thanks for

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@marcrobinsone: Thanks for stepping forward! I've put some basic test instructions in this issue: Any testing you're able to take on will be great. I'm pretty sure some of it will break--for example, last I knew, the image alignment options were broken in Fusion. Also, some of the padding and border options depend on assumptions (I've applied them to the first sub-div of the container, but this is unlikely to work with all themes). Getting some test data is the key first step in identifying what's needed to take these skins that were written for Fusion and make them work with all themes--or as many as feasible, documenting what's needed to make a theme compliant.

Roger that. I'll put this my

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Roger that. I'll put this my Drupal to-do-list today

2) Enable a theme based on each of the following base themes: Zen, Omega, AdaptiveTheme, Fusion. Also test Marinelli (the most used theme not based on a base theme.

^-- is there a specific base-theme that you want to prioritize testing with?

Anyhow, I'll follow & put up the question on node/1888300


is there a specific

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is there a specific base-theme that you want to prioritize testing with?

I guess it would make sense to priorize them by D7 usage, with Zen coming first.