Nutch 2.1, Solr 4.0 etc

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the latest version of Nutch 2.1 seems to work quite nicely with Solr 4.0 and am wondering if others have tried sending results to Search API and / or Apache Solr Search Drupal modules ?

there are lots of possibilities with integrating web-crawls into Drupal views, searches etc

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I have a module that can do this

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I have written a working Drupal 7 module that lets you search Solr indexes that were crawled with Nutch. Let me know if there is any interest and I will make it public.

Interest in you module. Want

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Interest in you module. Want to test some things out.
Send me a download link or upload it in a sandbox.


Sandbox link

yes please !

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hi cliefen, please share !

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