Searchapi integration with searchapi solr.

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i am using searchapi module and serachapi solr module. i have set up solr successfully.
i have setup 2 different instance in one server for two different content types(A,B);
and indexes are created using it.

i display the index created using views and using full-text search as the filter in both views. when i display views on two different pages they work awesome with "searchapi auto complete" module functionality.but when i put them on the same page using the "quick tab module" only the one view works for auto complete functionality and list the content of another view in the auto complete list suggestion. while another view auto complete functionality does't work.


You should better ask this

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You should better ask this question on Search API autocomplete module's issue queue (

Solved Just use the different

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Solved Just use the different names for the two fulltext filter present in two different views.

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