Drupal Brisbane December meetup

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2012-12-11 19:00 - 21:00 Australia/Brisbane
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User group meeting

We are meeting in the usual location - Irish Murphys in the city from 7-9pm. Great location as food and drinks are literally outside the door.

The meeting room is upstairs to the left of the stairs behind the door. The room has a projector for the speeches and is shielded from most of the downstairs noise which is great!

As discussed last meetup we have created a meetup.com group http://www.meetup.com/Drupal-Brisbane to attract people who haven't found their way to us before.

We had a great meetup last month, probably our biggest so far.



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i can finally come!!!

I will be a bit late, but

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I will be a bit late, but will definitely be there. Great to hear you had a big turn out last month and also good that you are cross-posting on meetup.com.



Hey, If anyone coming tonight

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Hey, If anyone coming tonight has a VGA-mini display adapter for mac it would be great if you could bring it along otherwise it may be very difficult to see my super-short presentation! Thanks in advance!

VGA adapter - resolved.

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Tony Aslett taslett is bringing his adapter. Thx Tony

Agenda et al for tonight's meeting

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Between Meetup.com and Drupal Groups we are about 15 registered - and usually others show up. (No need to register - all welcome.)

A few newbies - so welcome. We'll do round-table intros after the first talk so that late comers are not left out of that.

Our meet-up room is up the main staircase and then up three more stairs into the curtained/glassed-in room (which may have the door closed) straight above the main stair-case.

We usually kick-off the first presentation around 7.10pm given the near-by street-parking becomes available at 7pm.

Meals (inc $15 specials) can be ordered at the upstairs bar and when ready they'll bring it up for you into our meeting room.

Apologies for late posting of topics/agenda. Last minute addition of a third presentation more than welcome.

1. Presentation 1
- Chris O'Neill from Acquia on 'Turnkey Linux appliances'
- Q & A
2. Intro's -- around the table
3. Presentation 2
- Elizabeth Wyatt from Go1 on 'Design Suite' - brief run-through
- Q & A
4. Lightening Talks
- 1. Drupal 8.0 Development
- 2. update on DrupalCon Sydney 7-8 Feb - Mark Matuschka - GloDigital
- 3. update on CiviCon Sydney - 5-6 Feb - Sean Cleary
- 4. others...
5. Upcoming Brisbane meetings:-
- 1. Tues, 22nd Jan 2013
- 2. Feb - no meeting 7-8 Feb DrupalCon in Sydney
- 3. Tues, 12th March 2013
- 4. Presentation offers / topic suggestions
- 5. Review of Meetup format
- 6. Google Hang-out of Meetups


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