How to translate taxonomy terms displayed in a block as language changes form language switcher block

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i have created a vocabulary with localized multilingual option and translate the term in two language say en,sv next step what i want to do list all taxonomy terms in a black and the term inside block is translated as user changes the current language.


Here is step by step

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Here is step by step instructions, hope it helps.
1. Enable Locale, content translation module under core
2. Add desired languages by navigating to - admin/config/regional/languageadmin/config/regional/language (There either predefined or custom languages can be added)
3. Install string translation module (i18n)
4. Enable Internationalization module
5. Enable string translation, field translation, multilingual content, and synchronize module
6. Download and enable entity translation, title module
7. Navigate to admin/config/regional/entity_translation, enable the taxonomy term, and save the setting.
8. Navigate to taxonomy term and choose a vocabulary (which needs to be translated) , navigate to manage fields , notice replace link for both name and description fields. Click on replace for name field, select replace name with a field instance checkbox and click save, repeat for description field. After setting up, click on any term in the vocabulary, find a translate tab, click on add translation , translate name, description and save it.