What should happen if I use a feature that includes permissions and then I add a role to my site?

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If I build a site with a feature module that includes permissions and then add a new role to my site, I'll need to recreate that feature to include the updated permissions for my new role? At that point, I've basically forked the original feature module for my own site.

Is it normal to have a feature module, such as a wysiwyg or blog, that is unique for each site? Are most feature modules that are available on d.o. (for example, the Debut modules) just a starting point to create a site-specific version for every site?

Is there a better way to handle this scenario? Do people use the same feature module across many sites?


Hi! I use features in two

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I use features in two ways. To share basic functionality between multiple sites, stuff that is basically always the same such as wysiwyg/blog/slider/... like you mentioned. Secondly to aid the deployment process (push code to production, revert feature, hopefully done with the bugfix/hotfix, no need to klick-a-lot in the admin area). The latter are only usable on that special website they were made for.

So, your topic candidates for the latter. And you would include the role and the permissions in that feature and recreate it. To share your settings in code between the team and the different stages of your site.

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