Packaging & Deployment

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group serves as a central point to allow for the coordination and informal discussions amongst the developers of several modules (patterns, spaces/context, features, deployment, install profiles, etc.) that have similar and/or complementary functionality, allowing us to reduce the duplicated code bases and more easy leverage each other's solutions.

The goal of this group is to put together a set of 'best practices', that allow for the easy integration of all these modules, and the education of these best practices to the contributed module developers, so that the resulting system can provide a solid platform for resolving the packing and deployment problems we are faced with.

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[PR effort] Contrib maintainers should add composer.json

Over in the webmasters queue I have started a discussion around a PR effort to get contrib module maintainers to add composer.json files to their modules.

Please join in and spread the word.

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Website (Drupal) Developer | Rutgers University

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

SALARY: $68,000 - $74,000 (Based on Experience)


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Need Assistance on how to set up versioning for my Drupal site

I am the web developer for a new site that is coming up but there are also numerous other drupals sites I will be in charge of. The current setup for the other drupal sites is that they use Perforce (version system) to keep track of all changes done to the files of module and themes. Then they use a versioning module to keep track of all the content changes done on the site.

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What should happen if I use a feature that includes permissions and then I add a role to my site?

If I build a site with a feature module that includes permissions and then add a new role to my site, I'll need to recreate that feature to include the updated permissions for my new role? At that point, I've basically forked the original feature module for my own site.

Is it normal to have a feature module, such as a wysiwyg or blog, that is unique for each site? Are most feature modules that are available on d.o. (for example, the Debut modules) just a starting point to create a site-specific version for every site?

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Looking for info about setting up a Features Server, finding a lot of dead links

  • At the link to mig5 Feature Server Installation Profile profile is broken
  • The link is also broken on the mig5 site "So I wrote an install profile"
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    Main Monthly LA DRUPAL Meetup Nov 13th, 2012 at Coloft

    2012-11-13 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
    Event type: 
    User group meeting

    Join us Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at Coloft for presentations on Rescuing Drupal Projects by Ishmael Sanchez, and Pro Drupal Developer Series: Using Jenkins for Automated Deployment & Continuous Integration by Ashok Modi of CalArts.

    Every month experts guide our local community showcasing professional Drupal techniques, industry standards, and best practices. LA Drupal brings a spectacular lineup of topics and presentations centered around Drupal. We help users answer questions, and resolve issues with solutions surrounding planning, supporting, and developing with Drupal.

    Mark your calendars for the second Tuesday of each month as "LA DRUPAL DAY"! This event is FREE.

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    Patterns, Features or Deploy?

    13% (2 votes)
    87% (13 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    Total votes: 15
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    Packaging and Deployment

    Has anyone made a serious comparison between the features and patterns modules (they look really similar), and does the patterns module offer any solutions for a proposed re-write of the features module (intended to work on top of the D7 CM module to make D8 CMI initiative features available in D7)? Thanks.

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    Large Scale Drupal Track on DrupalCon Sao Paulo

    The first DrupalCon to be held outside the U.S. and Europe will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 6-8. I’m excited to be part of the Content Team and the track chair of the large-scale Drupal track for this important event.

    It’s the first time this topic has been included in its own track at a DrupalCon. I wrote a blog post with the track description, and an invitation for anyone who is interested to present a session:

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    Drupal Distribution Install Profile Developer/Team | Open Learning Exchange (OLE)


    The Open Learning Exchange (OLE) is developing an open-source digital library (Basic e-Learning Library, aka BeLL) for use in basic education programs for young children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The 12-volt BeLL system is designed to function off-line in remote locations as well as online where Internet connections are available. The goal is to enable unsophisticated users in remote regions of developing nations to synchronize their local library systems, including locally developed resources, with their national BeLL system.

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    Senior Drupal Developer | Nuvole

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Not allowed

    Nuvole is looking for a Senior Drupal Developer for a full-time position based in Brussels, Belgium. You will be dealing with both point-and-click Drupal setup and down-to-code hardcore development. You must feel comfortable in working in a geographically distributed environment and be ready to give your contribution in empowering the Nuvole team. We expect attention to details, devotion to clean and elegant software development, care for what we do.


    • Develop custom features to suit project specific use-cases
    • Develop custom Drupal modules
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    Brainstormblogger distribution project is looking for help

    Hello. Many people successfuly use our distribution to make their start with Drupal 6. I'm as author of the project have not too much time to support it.

    So, project still need your help. We still need drush developer, drupal themer(to prepare default distribution theme) and hosting infrastructure to build/test/publish demos of our drupal distribution.

    If you want get drupal 7 version of brainstormblogger distribution in more closer terms. you can make donation. Information on how to make donation is on page.

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    Configuration Management Initiative code sprints in September and October

    I will be attending spending a lot of time traveling to Drupal events in September and October, and I am hoping to run CMI initiative code sprints at all of them! There will be other initiative owners at the US events as well, so I would not be surprised to see coding going on around those topics as well. Our main focus here will be around the file-based config system and enhancements to the entity system. For those who are not local to these events, you can join #drupal-cmi on IRC to participate virtually.

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    Configuration Management Initiative - Bi-weekly IRC meetings

    I am going to start holding IRC meetings every other week to discuss and plan issues around the configuration management initiative. These meetings will be held every other Tuesday at 19:00 UTC. In real world terms this currently translates to

    11:00 - US West coast (PST)
    13:00 - US Midwest (CST)
    14:00 - US East coast (EST)
    20:00 - UK (BST)
    21:00 - Most of Europe (CEST)

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    dCycle, new standardized workflow for developing Drupal sites in dev-stage-prod

    I have found that although my colleagues all have ingenious techniques for deploying features and configuration, it is often hard to understand one another because our procedures are known only to ourselves.

    I have taken what are, in my experience, the best elements of the procedures and proposed standards I have been exposed to, and compiled them into a structured, standardize, step-by-step series of workflows, and packaged them as

    What I am hoping from this approach:

    (1) allowing newbies to dev-stage-prod and non-technical types to get started quickly

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    Drupal Developer (client-facing) | SystemSeed

    Employment type: 
    Full time
    Employment type: 

    SystemSeed is on the lookout for talented Drupal developers. Is SystemSeed right for you? If you can answer yes to most of the below then you may be ideally suited to working with us.

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    New module: Syndeploy

    I just posted a new module called Syndeploy. It provides content changes through syndication, that can be used to deploy from staging to production. It's sort of a pull version of Deploy. Please see the project page for details. I'm just getting into heavy development now, so please reply if you have any thoughts on this. Thanks!

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    Best practice to disable a module by code

    Hi, I was just thinking about how it would be if I need to add a new functionality to my site that includes uninstalling a module.
    I don't want to do it by database because I need to have all my configurations in code (and in svn).

    What would you recommend?



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    Drupal in the Cloud - Research Paper


    i'm currently researching different drupal cloud hosting technologies for a paper for university.

    attached an initial overview of the paper's contents as pdf presentation and would like to know if you have any remarks to such a paper.

    • which topics would you like to know about?
    • can you think about good metrics in order to compare SaaS solutions like Drupal Gardens and Buzzr or PaaS solutions like Pantheon, DevCloud and Microsoft Azure?
    • more input welcome

    thanks for your replies, i'll keep this post updated as the paper progresses.

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    Features Selector


    Just finished a module whose main purpose is to maintain a map of existing Drupal UI form elements responsible for setting or listing something that could be exported to a feature related to its particular features components. It then displays a widget in that place for selecting to which feature this component is intended to belong.

    Mainly functional for selecting which variables you want to export to a feature if you don't know which strongarm component that was you changed in the form you just submitted. At this time it works only with Features, but i see possibilities of other uses and the API is capable of that. Selecting whatever in the Drupal UI for other modules.

    Your feedback wanted.

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