How have you used Drupal for visualization?

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If you have an interesting project that uses Drupal to visualize data in some way, post a link to it here!


Popular British Music Festivals

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For my MA project, I created a big Drupal website containing listings of every major outdoor music festival in the UK since the 1960s. The festival itself is a taxonomy term, with each year being a new node.

I then mashed it up with Met Office historical weather data and the Google Visualization API to create a bunch of charts depicting rainfall and temperature.

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You can see a range of

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You can see a range of development related questions UNICEF gathered in Uganda in the last 2 years visualized on

For example, this page shows Is measles vaccine available? per region. You can drill down to districts in any region on the left side of the page.

If you think that is cool stuff to work on, we have a few projects where we are (going to) doing more of this and we are hiring:

There are many interesting Tools and solutions.

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I do have experience in plot open data into various visualization formats. Depends on the volume of data and the kind of solution we are looking for, we can identity hybrid solution. For example, Drupal is a good CMS, no doubt in that. But it lacks data analysis capabilities. For that you can think of any other No-SQL solutions. Those data can be plotted to drupal sites using contributed modules.

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External data for my visualization project

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Currently I am building a map project in which all country borders are drawn with geoJSON data.

I downloaded the data from leafLet site. Doing most of my coding with raw leaflet api calls and integrating Drupal node data via ajax call. Would like to bring all these into drupal.

I have my work in dev and localhost, so not ready for the world yet. But it is similar to this work:

I just came across this d3

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I just came across this d3 code yesterday

Integrating that (using and ) would be pretty awesome.

And all 3 pieces of code do a lot of plumming already. Its just about finding a smart way to glue it all together.