How work's Drupal developments using SQLSrv driver?

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I have some questions about this scenario:

1 - If I distribute a development in drupal using MSSQL as Database Server ( that is not under GPL licence, the functions and/or procedures stored in that database can be encrypted? Notice that in this case I didn't encrypt the drupal code.
2 - If I use Drupal to interact with data generated and managed from a propietary software (which can't be redistributed), can I via contract or other negate the possibility of a redistribution.

The object of this is to protect the internal behavior of the propietary software so any comment of what can i do in these scenario will be appreciated.


PD: Sorry about my english.


Any comments, please??

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Any comments, please??

Not sure why this is posted here.

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I think that the module has to be GPL compatible because it's distributed in Drupal.

Your main question seems to be about intellectual property issues and not about Windows development.

Drupal can certainly integrate with MSSQL and other non-GPL code.

I think you'd be better asking this question somewhere else. Not sure where though.