List of PH Government Site running on Drupal

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Showcasing ph-government websites in Drupal...

  1. National Library of the Philippines — Manila, Philippines
  2. Baguio City — Benguet, Philippines
  3. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) — Manila, Philippines
  4. Department of Health (DOH) — Manila, Philippines
  5. Department of Agriculture - Agriculture Training Institute (DA-ATI)— Manila, Philippines
  6. Philippine e-Extention Portal — Manila, Philippines
  7. National Statistics Office
    — Manila, Philippines
  8. National Statistics Office - Solemnizing Officers Information System— Manila, Philippines
  9. Local Government Academy Department of the Interior and Local Government, Philippines
  10. Provincial Government of Laguna
    — Laguna, Philippines


nice list ..hope there will

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nice list ..hope there will be more government sites moving to drupal soon. :)

NSO uses and abuses Drupal ad infinitum

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At NSO, we use Drupal heavily for almost all types of web applications, internal and external, leveraging on Drupal's robust capabilities with Views, custom Field sets and Workflow. We have also been dabbling with the integration of thematic maps, time series data presentation with dynamic charts and graphs and the engagingly collaborative Sheetnode.

Hi loloyd, It seems that the

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Hi loloyd, It seems that the link above to NSO does not work. I'm just posting these for posterity. :)

Made in drupal pala mga govt

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Made in drupal pala mga govt websites? it is so dissapointing. no wonder andaming govt website na hack ng anonymous philippines hacker. malakas na nga kumain ng cpu resources, slowness, spagetti codes, full of bugs, insecured pa. nakaka waste ng time mag develop sa drupal. sobraness.

Weh? Hahaha!

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Asan ang stats and reliable sources of info mo po sa claims niyo?

Please stop trolling on this

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Please stop trolling on this constructive group.


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Srsly? You're going there? :)


If your "claim" to Drupal-powered Government sites is right, would you mind hacking this site: ?

You seem to be a die hard fan of Anonymous Philippines(if they exist)... :D

I'll be waiting for you there... :)


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sir, mukhang ikaw ang insecured. :p
waste of time? oo nga, na waste ang time ko mag comment sa walang kwenta mong problema.
kung gusto mo sumikat, post ka ng picture of video mo sa facebook wag dito.


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Actually maraming mga govt agency websites gumagamit ng wp. But there more things we can do with drupal. CMF

As for "mrc-pdp-alias" troll lang ng troll pag mey time...

San ang Website?

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SIno nagsabi madaling ma-hack ang drupal?

Bgay ka ng url tingnan ko ang source nyan kung drupal nga...

generally mas madaling

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generally mas madaling ma-attack (oldies term na ung hack) ung site kpag ung version na gamit nya ay merong known vulnerabilities or exploits, so it is good to keep your site or application up-to-date with security patches and fixes. Same thing applies to drupal, wordpress, or other cms/applications. Securing your box or server is another thing.

from all the govt sites listed above and on comments, most of them runs older drupal version (one is even runing D5 hehe) with known security exploits - that includes site @nathanie0221 listed . :)


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Yup, that site's on D6... :D

my initial impression drupal

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my initial impression drupal is a bloated and poorly-designed system. People are forced to use it because it’s there and they don’t realise how much better the alternatives are.

Drupal is not even on the list:

The adoption of Symfony and object oriented programming to Drupal core and the release of Drupal 8, these problems may be reduced. Hopefully, Drupal 8 will be a big step towards bringing the world at large closer to the Drupal community.

But that it only a THEORY.

Stay away from Drupal for any site that requires customized functionality. It's a waste of time and money. I'm not here to troll. I'm not attacking anyone. No offends on all drupal-fanboys. I'm just stating facts.

P.S. Google this: " Hacked ! More Than 967,000 Registered User Details Compromised"


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Thank you for your concern regarding the security of Drupal...

Drupal is more of a CMS than a Web Framework...

Yes, Drupal is bloated and maybe a bit poorly designed, but its up to the developer to customize it. Drupal just presents everything at first, it's up to you to enable/disable what you need...

Looking to your link, I can't see any CMS mentioned in that test...

This thread was created to show an inventory of government sites in the Philippines using Drupal, you can start a new thread having a topic of why Drupal sucks and do what you want with it...

But seriously though, you're bashing Drupal, in a Drupal group, inside a Drupal website? I can't barely separate it from trolling...

P.S. was hacked due to a third party application, so it's the people-behind-it's fault they used the 3pa...

No credibility

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Part of me says that I shouldn't waste my time and effort on you, mrc-pdp-al1as. But since you're spreading FUD here, it would amount to negligence if I simply did not challenge your credibility and intelligence on your proposed thesis that Drupal is not sufficiently secure and "bloated and poorly-designed". And please kindly enlighten us some of your favorite examples of software systems/CMS/web-frameworks that are secure, not bloated and well-designed.

Next, you haven't even mentioned any Drupal-based government site na ni-hack ng Anonymous Philippines hacktivist group. Ni wala ka man lang din mapakitang credible and reliable news write-up tungkol dito. At kung nalalakasan ka sa pagkain ng CPU resources, sa slowness, at sa pagka-spaghetti codes ng Drupal, you are welcome to look elsewhere naman for your specific needs. Why do you need to influence anyone else and enforce your unreliable viewpoints on anyone here in Kulang ka ba sa pansin? O kulang ka sa IQ? Or all of the above? You do realize that NORMAL people who come here normally look for ways and means on how they can improve their Drupal websites and skill-sets. So what exactly is your point and what are your objectives? Incite rage from among us? Kawawa ka naman. It takes more than your half-baked claims and ill-interpreted viewpoints to convince most of us here, or even rouse our blood pressure. :-P

Kung binasa mo lang yung link at reference on being hacked na binigay mo at inintindi mo, sana hindi ka na nag mukhang tanga. Pero baka sanay ka naman diyan kaya OK lang siguro, kahit magtago ka pa sa aliasy username mo. Frustrated Drupal user ka ba? You can always get help from those who are willing amongst us, you know.

Basahin mo rin yung motivations ng test site na binigay mo. O heto o, for your convenience -

"Why include this Gemini framework I've never heard of?" We have included our in-house Java web framework, Gemini, in our tests. We've done so because it's of interest to us...

"Why don't you test framework X?" We'd love to, if we can find the time. Even better, craft the test yourself and submit a GitHub pull request so we can get it in there faster!

Basahin mo na rin yung Introduction nila para maintindihan mo kung anong klaseng frameworks ang tine-test nila bago ka bumira sa giyera na may maling sandata ang dala. Payo ko sa iyo, huwag kang magbitbit ng jackstone sa isang chess match.

O siya, masyado na kitang naaliw. By the way, I don't exclusively use Drupal, FYI, for all of the websites I develop. I only use Drupal when I need many of its feature-sets. Pero bahala ka if you consider me a fanboy, kasi bahala din naman ako if I consider you stupid, KSP at kulang-kulang.

Pasalamat ka at binigyan pa kita ng time and effort.

P.S. "Stay away from Drupal for any site that requires customized functionality. It's a waste of time and money."

Hahaha! Then what do you suggest, Mr. Flame-bait Expert?

You are misleading the people here @mrc-pdp-al1as

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First of all, it doesn't mention Drupal there in your link because this is not a web framework, its a CMS. I don't see any other CMS listed there, do you?

Also, people are not forced to use Drupal. Heck, there are lots of alternatives out there like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Hifi or even Expression Engine. They use Drupal because its fully customizable, tons of resources available and good community. I suggest you try learning Drupal first before you go bashing.

And about being hacked, please read the entire article and not take the title out of context.

Get your facts straight.

i know 2-3 top pinoy drupal

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i know 2-3 top pinoy drupal developer . they are very very very well-known to the drupal Philippines community. im fuckin surprise they cannot even finish an assigned project and never heard from them again. which makes me think that it is a waste of time attending drupal ph events because the community is full of non php developer who call themselves drupal developer who cant write a single fuckin PHP/SQL code. but that is not the issue. The real issue drupal is damn fuckin slow and insecure bcoz of fuckin '3rd party modules'. Drupal is a Ghetto but!! it can get things done fast if your business requirement is simple.

P.S. Student.. don't ever ever use drupal for your thesis unless if you can take all the stab in the ear verbally by the panelist. Nothing in here is a lie unless it’s really obviously a lie through exaggeration. I recommend codeigniter, symfony 2 or the newest in town 'laravel'.

Haha :)

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Oh, you're still "bashing" eh? :)

Well, let's make some introductions then... if you're a wimp you'll probably keep on hiding and trolling... :)

I am Nathaniel Cailo, I help organize the events of the Drupal Philippines Group. Hmm, you? Probably you're just some fucking wimp who calls himself/herself a developer...

Would you mind telling us the names of the "2-3 top pinoy drupal developers" that you know of? And if they're so stupid, why are they at the top?

Get your analogies straight, dickhead...

Oh come on, you can't even write english in its proper grammar, and you expect us to be intimidated by your responses? :)

I'm guessing you look like this :D

The performance of Drupal is not the real issue here, I think the real issue here is that you're just some stupid wimp who can't find anywhere else to go so you're just trolling the forums thinking you'd be someone who'll be higher than us... Face it, you're just trolling so that you can boost you're ego...

Well, you can talk to me(privately) if you see me at any of the I.T events here in the Philippines. That is, if you have the balls approach me... or did your current life cut off your balls? :D

Mukhang malalim ang galit mo

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Mukhang malalim ang galit mo sa Drupal, mrc-pdp-al1as (!

Hindi kita masisisi. Talagang stiff ang learning curve ng Drupal. Sinubukan ko i-compare ang pag-implement ng jQuery-UI sa Drupal at Wordpress. Mas madali nga magawa ito sa Wordpress, pero nagagawa din naman ito sa Drupal gamit ang mga modules. Kung galing ka sa Wordpress, malulula ka talaga sa dami ng mga modules na pwedeng gamitin. Personal mo talagang aaralin.

Mas madali na ang jQuery UI implementation sa D7 dahil sa Javascript Libraries Manager ( Matagal din bago ko nadiscover ito.

Kung marunong ka na ng HTML, CSS, at Javascript, Kelangan makabisado mo din yung Drupal Application Program Interface (API) ( Matuto ka din mag-gawa ng sarili mong drupal modules. At higit sa lahat, TIYAGA!

Bilib ako sa Drupal, isa itong content management framework. Hindi lang siya basta content management system.

Kapag bloated ang isang Drupal site, malamang gawa yan ng isang amateur yun! Mabilis mag perform ang Drupal kung alam mo ang ginagawa mo; alam mo i-disable ang mga modules na palabok lang.

Bilib din ako sa security ng Drupal. Magagawa mong secure ang drupal kung alam mo ang ginagawa mo, pati na ang security measures na common sa lahat ng web applications.

Fan ako ng Drupal, pero hindi ako nagdedepende sa Drupal sa lahat ng web-applications. Hindi ko trinatratong Online Windows ang Drupal. Tiyak ma-iiyak ka sa kabagalan.

Kung gusto mo ng non-techie-friendly na CMS, subukan mo ang Joomla. Dun ako nag-umpisa.

Na-iintindihan ko ang nararamdaman mo. Huwag ka na lang manirang puri ng gawa ng iba. Hindi ito makakabuti sa iyo. Ika nga: "kung wala kang mabuting sasabihin, tumahimik ka na lang".

mrc-pdp-a1ias : from Dislike to Drama

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First thank you for encouraging me to response on your post.

In my years of experience with Drupal and dealing with different community, this is the first time I saw someone encouraging students not to use Drupal.

Let us be clear here, it's fine if you don't like Drupal as your personal preferences but why doing under the belt comments? Then including 2 to 3 innocent people unnamed in your dramatic statements.

Based on your comments, baby your an asshole, I hate to say that to people but you really are.

Here are my conclusions for you:

  1. I bet you never tried to develop module(s) and solve bugs
  2. You never met Drush
  3. 2 to 3 people you mentioned kick your ass - kudos to them coz you deserve it!

PS Shit: Don't hide your identity if your brave enough to justify your none sense statements coz mine is real one.

About this troller

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Just noticed paiba iba ka ng ID brad.

  1. Nagka project ka na ba dati na Drupal ang requirments at bakit mo nasabi na pangit ang Drupal? Kung wala then wala ka karapatan na magsabi ng maling information. Present any evidence(s) or documents that can backup you rants.

  2. May ginawa ba si Drupal sayo na nasira ang buhay mo kaya mo ginagawa to? OpenSource is about helping the software and the community to grow. Ikaw ano ba ang magandang nagawa mo sa community?

  3. Naintindihan mo ba ng FOSS? Read it first before you speak.

  4. Show us your projects and let us convince na pangit nga si Drupal.

Join us nalang to spread the open-source sa halip na manira ka. Ituro mo samin yang technology na alam mo ng sa ganon maging aware din kami sa ibang stuffs.

Kung pangit si Drupal e di sana hindi yan gagamitin ng US goverments like WhiteHouse at iba pang malalaking company at goverment sites around the world.

Let help each other and STOP the WAR.

About this troller

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Parang may hinala na ako kung sino ka. :D

Comment lng ng comment ma t trace din kita. Hehehe

Only local images are allowed.

I saw you once in drupal

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I saw you once in drupal event gerard :) do you still write in C programming?

Do you still write in C programming?

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Nope, I tried C when I was in College. I only know PHP, Bash, a little bit of Python. Just a mediocre fanboy of Drupal or whatever you may call it.

Bakit nga ba hindi mo e reveal kung sino ka Sir. Mas ma gagain mo respect namin kung magpapakilala ka. May puntos ka actually pero BAD ang naninira Sir.


Sir I respect opinion bout

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Sir I respect opinion bout kay drupal dahil ang mga drupalers hindi lang basta basta user ng drupal. Mga professionals din kami dahil may sinusunod kami na code of conduct eh kayo sir ano gamit ninyo software laban kay drupal? May code of conduct ba din ang software na gamit niyo? Kung meron pakibasa na lang. And dito sa drupal nagtutulungan kami ndi nagsisiraan kaya nga meron kami drupal mantra "Come for the software, stay for the community". Yan ang maipagmamalalaki ko na meron kami na wala sa ibang community.

Philippine Ports Authority

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Our website Philippine Ports Authority is running under Drupal 7