Clothing Ministry

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Hi All,

Our church is beginning a clothing ministry. I believe it would be helpful to have an online management system. I'm having difficulty in finding something.

Our church website is drupal, but I was hoping to find a (free) solution that we didn't have to manage or upgrade. Kind of line the online church management systems, only geared toward clothing ministries. I was thinking that some type of inventory management system might work.

Right now, I don't think it needs to be very complex. The ministry works with our local elementary school, and some other local agencies. They make requests. We fill the requests. The only ones who will visit the 'closet' are those who are filling the requests.

Various people will need to be able to log on and see what is in the 'closet' (inventory) so they can know if they need to purchase new/used clothing to meet the need or if the items are already there. Basically it needs to be searchable by at least gender, size, and item of clothing.

I think I've convinced myself that an inventory management system would work. Anybody know of any good "free" ones that might work for a clothing ministry? If not, any thoughts on a drual solution? Thanks!




Use a content type and views?

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It seems to me that if you created a "clothing item" content type, had fields with options like type, size, etc., then you could create a view with exposed filters so people could sort and filter the list.