Company management and ERP with Drupal

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Hi group-members,

just entered this group because the topic is business software and all the issues around intranet solutions. As we just develop ERPAL as a Drupal distribution for these purposes, I would be very happy to get feedback to that distribution, either here in this group or in the issue queue of ERPAL.



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I am also interested in Drupal as an ERP. Please post a link to your distro.


ERPAL at Windows Azure and workbench

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I did a short presentation of ERPAL for Japanese companies, which include Workflow Workbench modules and OG modules at Microsoft Japan Windows Azure partner seminar Dec.12, 2014. I think that Japanese companies needs workflow functions that include draft to review and publish at some approval steps, which looks like stamp employee's seal at approval documents.

Now I am translating ERPAL, Workbench and other functions for it.

Kazu Hodota

kazu Hodota Gennai3 Corporation email: