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Company management and ERP with Drupal

Hi group-members,

just entered this group because the topic is business software and all the issues around intranet solutions. As we just develop ERPAL as a Drupal distribution for these purposes, I would be very happy to get feedback to that distribution, either here in this group or in the issue queue of ERPAL.

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Drupal Developer/Administrator | Intacct

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Intacct makes small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and CPA firms more productive and improves company performance by providing award winning cloud computing financial management and accounting applications. We are the preferred provider of financial applications for AICPA (the trade association of the accounting profession) and focus only on one thing – delivering the most comprehensive Software as a Service financial management system to more than 5,000 companies.

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Integração Drupal com ERP via Web Services

Ora viva comunidade Portuguesa Drupal!

Estou neste momento a pensar como vou desenvolver um projecto em que o objectivo é pegar num site feito em Drupal utilizando o componente Ubbercart (e futuramente outros modulos) e integrar esse sistema com outro(s), neste caso específico, trata-se de um ERP - o Primavera ERP.

A questão é que não sei até que ponto isto será viável considerando que estou actualmente sozinho no projecto o que prevejo que implicará uns meses... estamos a falar em integrar Produtos, Clientes, (idealmente) Encomendas, Marcas e Taxas.

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Drupal Expert | Vides

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 

Für ein Startup wird folgende Person gesucht:

Drupal Experte
• Dauerhafte Mitarbeit
• Aufbau der Webseite sowie Verantwortung über die Webseite

• Programmierung und Design der Webseite
• Organisierung und Aufbau eines CRM- und ERP System über Drupal
• Größtmögliche Automatisierung des CRM, CMS und ERP
• Organisation und Aufbau einer interaktiven und animierten Webseite
• Optimierung dieser Prozesse, um Veränderungen auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren
• Qualitätssicherung und Wartung der Firmenwebseite
• Internationale Zusammenarbeit mit beteiligten Personen

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Gestão de equipas e projectos, CRM e ERP

Gostaria de saber as vossas opiniões sobre estes temas no Drupal:

1) Gestão de equipas e projectos
2) CRM
3) ERP

Presentemente é possível implementar todos eles, de várias maneiras, com menor ou maior funcionalidade e dificuldade.

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xTuple ERP / CRM / accounting

If anyone's interested, xTuple has done quite a bit of integration between Drupal and our own open source ERP system (which has been the #1 most active project on Sourceforge for almost two years). It's productized as the xTuple Web Portal, and includes Customer Support functionality integrating with a CRM backend, and Business to Business Sales for order management. There's also an Ubercart connector for business to consumer shopping cart applications.

Ned Lilly

CEO, xTuple

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Experienced Drupal developer | Motionstrand

Employment type: 

An Ecommerce solution that will communicate directly with MS Dynamics ERP. Drupal will be utilized for the site framework so the ecommerce solution (i.e. ubercart, magento, or other) must integrate with Drupal and client ERP.

ERP/Ecommerce communication details:



  • All product technical details and specifications will be retrieved via the ERP.
  • All product stock availability information will be retrieved via the ERP.
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    ERP project

    Just a quick note to let people know that the erp project is nearing the launch of beta3, and has had a huge amount of development in the last four months.

    If you are interested, now is a good time to check it out. There are certainly rough edges, and things not implemented fully, but we are using it to run our business, so there is a lot in there, and we are improving and finalising things every day.

    Expect beta3 early next week, but for now, grab the dev release to try it out.

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    Trying the ERP Module

    What are folks' experiences with the ERP module package?

    We've only just installed it but it looks impressive. Has anyone used it with CiviCRM?

    Thanks, and we'll be reporting back also.

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    ERP & Ecommerce modules

    ERP module is very nice, but i failed to install it - it's far too complex.

    Ecommerce</strong is veery huge and it's ecommerce software, not invoicing.

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