Popcorn learning

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i am new to popcorn js

i need to create interactive videos for my company

canany one help me

any website




which give me little depth on this development

i have seen popcornjs.org

so pls tell me about something else which will be helpful

:) thanks


Good Places to Start

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I am also learning popcorn.js, and I want to integrate videos that I have annotated with Popcorn into my Drupal sites.

The power of popcorn is all about the timed metadata.

A good place to start is look at Brian Chirls' Stanford Annotated Video Player. http://www.stanford.edu/group/ruralwest/cgi-bin/drupal/content/building-...

You can get the ncode for that on GitHub, here https://github.com/brianchirls/annotated-video-player

The organizer of this group, Kevin Reynen, has already built a 'drupalized' version of the Stanford player. Follow his guide on this node. http://groups.drupal.org/node/261653

I found it really helped me to study the JSON code in the example player. That's in the file root/data/data.json , if you download it from GitHub.

Kevin has a working Drupal Popcorn site you can play with here: http://popcorn.alittlehelphosting.com/

Brian Chirls has a blog about interesting stuff he has been building at http://chirls.com/ .

If you need to explain what you're doing to film-makers, show them this two-part blog post about using Popcorn.js to make documentary films.


Please don't build on the

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Please don't build on the initial field collection based work we did a few months ago. Field collections turned out to be too difficult to work and didn't support everything we wanted to do with Views. The good news is we took that approach far enough to show what's possible and got a paying Drupal/Popcorn integration project out of it.

For that project, I basically started over. I created Media Event a simpler entity to store the timed metatdata. I have a working UI that allows a user to add events of different types that can target different Popcorn blocks. I will post a screencast of this later this week as part of my yearly "beardcast" series.


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