Best day for a monthly meetup?

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We need a regular weekday for our monthly meetups.

I think Mondays and Fridays are out.

Wednesdays are a popular night for weekly church events - this could pose some trouble as this is a family night for a lot of people.

Thursdays are a big event night in Bakersfield during the warmer part of the year. Plus the Bakersfield Web Developer meetup will be on a Thursday.

I would like to be able to attend the first and second Tuesday meetups in LA every month.

So how does the last Tuesday of every month sound? We will be meeting on the second floor of the KCSOS main building right downtown.

Please chime in if you have some input here - I want to get on with our first meeting announcement asap.


Lets do it

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I'm going to go with the last Tuesday of the month - making our first meetup at 6:30PM - Tuesday April 30th 2013. We can adjust this after the first meetup if we need to.

I'll make an official post for this event with all the deets. Get a free Drupal account and join this group to catch the updates as they happen.

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