Update on D8 Mobile Initiative - #34 & #34.5

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Link to videos:

Key take away from meeting #34 & #34.5

Most important places to help 3/27/13

1) Toolbar issues

Thanks to Jesse for the continued work on toolbar! Want to help out on the admin toolbar:
Top priority

Secondary priority

2) Architect Drupal CSS

Needs review of changing a PHP constant in a handful of functions - This is a blocker to further work in this section!
#1924368: Rename old CSS constants to CSS_AGGREGATE_* and add new CSS weight constants

3) Mobile admin pages at: http://drupal.org/node/1870944

#1261002:Draggable tables do not work on touch screen devices

Issues that moved to RTBC

#1902856: Search page results in narrow screens
credits:@echoz and carwin & rcaracaus

Scrum notes 3/27/13

1) nod_ is working on jquery 1.9 update
#1799594:Update to jQuery 1.9 version AND
#166490:[Policy, no patch] Decide on JSHint configuration

2) Jesse front end testing QUnit tests for Drupal front end code: http://drupal.org/project/fat

DID YOU KNOW? #1787012:[meta] Fully drop IE8 support from D8 core

Thank yous

Carwin, ry5n, echoz, rteijeiro, vijay.cgs, moshe weitzman, Lewis Nyman, Jessebeach,David_Rothstein, Kevin O'Leary, Chris Weber, John Ferris, nod_, YesCT, Gábor Hojtsy, Bojhan, sidharthap, BWPanda & all those on the mobile issue queues.


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@echoz thanks! fixed same.

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@echoz thanks! fixed same.