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I have 2 issues that I am hoping someone might be able to help me with.

1) I'm trying to customize the labels in my PM installation. I am using a string replacement module for the moment because editing the views does not change the labels.

For example I am changing "Projects" to "Bookings". I change all the necessary components in the titles and field names, etc but the do not reflect on the pages.

2) When creating a new entry for an "organization" it shows additional fields:

Address, City, Province / State, Country, Zip, Phone, WWW, E-mail, Currency, Price mode, Price, Language, Tax ID

I have no idea where these are coming from or how to modify them. These fields are not in the views or the field management section.

Any help or advice is appreciated! I've been going in circles trying to figure it out for a few days.


(Could an admin move this to

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(Could an admin move this to the Project Management MODULE group please?

@Gigi, some answers to your questions:

1 - If you install the Views UI module (you will have needed the Views module to install Project Management), then you'll be able to edit these directly from your website.

2 - Currently these don't use the Drupal Fields system - they are custom coded. This will be changing soon. So unfortunately, at the moment it isn't possible to customise these much unless you create custom code.

It's a bit odd that you're using a Project as a Booking though. Are you sure that Project Management is the right module? It is pretty much set up to be for projects.

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