RedHen CRM case studies needed

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Hi RedHen users,

I just got back from NTEN's annual Nonprofit Technology Conference. There is a ton of interest in RedHen and a few larger nonprofits as well as a handful of larger Drupal shops interested in leveraging RedHen on large-scale Drupal-CRM projects. It's great to see RedHen gain traction and ThinkShout is very interested in supporting other developers who seek to contribute to the project.

The RedHen CRM community and code base would obviously benefit from these larger build-outs. But collectively we face a "chicken and the egg" scenario. (Punt intended.) Without examples of large and/or sophisticated RedHen build-outs, it's hard to prove that RedHen can scale to meet more complex needs. But first, as a community, we need some larger project engagements...

I'd like to address this by the RedHen community coming together to create a shared group of case studies. So, if you could, please add case studies to this thread that we can all benefit from. Please share as much info as you can or is appropriate:

  • Developer or firm
  • Client or organization
  • URL
  • Any cool features
  • The amount and type of data stored
  • Any payment integrations
  • Any event registration integrations
  • Any survey form integrations
  • Social CRM features, etc.

To kick things off, I'll add a few of our case studies below.


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First case study to kick things off...


Our first production RedHen instance was built for Mission Investors Exchange. This is a membership organization providing grantmakers with access to a Solr-based resource library. Access is managed via the RedHen Membership contrib module. Drupal users associated with RedHen Contacts that are, in turn, associated with RedHen Organizations that have received a RedHen Membership are provided with a Drupal user role that grants them access to premium content. This is a pretty typical "Association Management" workflow - but one that is very complex with any other Drupal approach.

This RedHen integration also leverages the Entity Registration module, Commerce, Commerce Registration and RedHen Registration to manage paid event sign-ups. Registration access and discounting is managed via Rules that use RedHen data.

New Sons of AMVETS Membership site

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My name is Dennis Solis and I am in the process of implementing a membership management site for the National Sons of AMVETS (a 501(c) organization). At the present time, the Sons of AMVETS have over 23,000 member and ALL membership related forms and issues are handled by paper and snail mail! One of our biggest concerns at this point is the acceptance of this new "fangle computer thingy" by some of the older members who have always used paper.

The National Officers and I have spent the last seven months documenting the existing workflow and business requirements. We have mapped all of the paper fields to fields on the appropriate web pages. And finally, we have defined the new work flow for the automated system. At this point, the development of the public facing web site is 95% complete, except for theming. I have now turned my attention to exploring the RedHen CRM and RedHen Membership modules as the foundation for the membership portion of this site.

The Sons of AMVETS (SOA) have a standard association structure:
Level 1 - Top of the organization: National SOA organization.
Level 2 - The State (or Departments) organizations (50 departments)
Level 3 - The local squadrons (450 squadrons)
Level 4 – The final level: The individual members belong to the squadrons. (23,000 members)

The National Sons of AMVETS membership site will enable their members to process the following on-line “transactions”:

  • Submit application for new members
  • Submit existing member renew request
  • Change their membership and contact information
  • Submit a change of squadron (move from one squadron to another)
  • Convert their annual membership to a lifetime membership
  • Register for the National (once a year) and State (Department) conventions (twice a year)
  • Access the convention’s agenda, minutes (posted after the convention), and associated reports
  • One of the issues this system will solve is that of membership cards. At the present time, it can take up to two months to receive a membership card. Using this system, once the membership information has been entered, the local squadrons will be able to immediately print their membership card.
  • Based upon the above information, we will be generating numerous membership reports.

Since Think Shout has been so kind as to develop this software, I will be contributing back to the community by based upon my experience, pod cast, video cast, blog postings, and the readme.txt files in each module.

In addition to updating the documentation, I will be posting additional comments regarding this project as it moves forward.

Credentialing Organization case study

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The Pennsylvania Certification Board ( offers state-level credentialing to behavioral health professionals. This entails keeping records of:

  • The professionals and their certifications
  • The approved trainings their professionals can take towards gaining certification and certification renewal
  • The organizations that provide the trainings and their contracts with PCB for providing the trainings

They'd been using a custom-built Access database for tracking over 75,000 total records. Their goal was to create a new system that houses the data and integrates with their website to streamline and/or automate the many tedious manual tasks including:

  • Processing new and renewed certifications
  • Allowing professionals to view and print their certificates
  • Approving trainings and notifying the organization providing the training of approval status
  • Automatic notification to training providers of their contract status and impending contract expiration
  • Automatic disabling of professional's website account after grace period for recertifying has expired

They needed a system that:

  • Was simple and user-friendly
  • Allowed multiple "memberships" per person and per organization
  • Had the ability to create a complex and lengthy recertification form
  • Allowed members and non-members to register for trainings
  • Allowed their professionals to update their own profile and view and print their certificate from an auto-generated PDF.

3rd party CRMs like CiviCRM or SalesForce were either overkill or overly complicated for what they needed or maintaining the integration between the CRM and Drupal with two separate software installations and APIs was more complex and required more maintenance than their budget allowed. A native CRM was really the solution in this instance.

The Redhen suite of modules was the perfect base to build on. It provided the essentials for the project and most importantly, allowed complete flexibility for extending the core functionality. It also allows them to grow and add more automated processes and workflows as time and budget allow.

I’d like to thank ThinkShout for the amazing work they’ve done on the modules and for their responsiveness in the issue queues. Redhen is off to a great start and I have a hunch it’s going to be a major step forward for the Drupal community by enabling those looking to have their CRM tightly coupled with their Drupal website, something that was previously difficult, costly, and time-consuming at best.

Simple, powerful e-mail marketing for bands and labels

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A Small Web Firm has done work for several music-oriented clients including Quiet Company and Hot Congress Records that utilize RedHen CRM as a fan/contact repository.

The core desired functionality was essentially to provide a free download (in these cases, samplers/compilations), in exchange for a name, e-mail address, and location (attaching an Addressfield to the RedHen Contact). This was done using RedHen Lead and its lead form submodule, allowing content editors to create an arbitrary number of promotional pages with attached downloads of any type.

Additional integration work was done with third-party commerce solutions to track purchases in RedHen.

The above work was in support of a smarter, self-managed newsletter/e-mail marketing system (integrating with Mandrill/MailChimp), where campaigns could be created based on past downloads, purchases, or geography (to support touring artists).

Though the above references a band/label use-case, you could easily replace "compilation" with "whitepaper" or "ebook" or "free trial" for B2B use-cases.

Thank you!

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I've posted these three implemented case studies as a documentation page for RedHen:

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