My COD Goals for Drupalcon Portland

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Next week Ezra, Joseph, and Jakob will all be at Drupalcon to further the goals of Commons and COD, two distributions supported by Acquia.

My hopes for COD is to get another update since the Alpha2 release we did at Sandcamp. Its unfortunate that it seems updates only occur after camp, but on the otherhand it just shows how much can get done when we have the community working in the same room as each other!

These are my basic goals:
* Scale the gaps between COD6 and COD7, make a MOSCOW chart to prioritize what needs to be done.
* Make single event workflow easier for single event sites
* Bring in changes from LFNW that include working single-column event scheduling and dynamic BOFs
* Start work on the registration entity module
* Update outdated modules (most of this has been done, but needs testing)
* Roll Alpha3 release
* Get all contributors on the same release, merge in changes if other camps have made changes thats useful upstream

I'd love to hear comments, questions. And please signup for our distro BOFs on tuesday:


Just wanted to say thanks

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Thanks for all your hard work, and for hosting the BoF -- it's exciting to see this project getting pushed forward.

I do hope to see updates (at the very least about alphas being released!) on, the COD Twitter account and this group. I just thought it might be worth mentioning that since it seems like another alpha is close.

Thanks again for your dedication!

I'd like to echo rootwork's thanks

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I really appreciated the time and effort put in by both Ezra and Jakob to identify the points of pain and to start looking at a roadmap for COD7. I'll be checking in with Ezra to see if I can lighten some of their load and make the updates to the UseCod site and the UseCod twitter account. Additional thanks to everyone who made it to the BOF and shared their stories with us.

Much obliged

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A third thank you to Ezra, Joseph, and Jakob for the work on COD. While we had our bumps getting things setup, it saved us a ton of time. I hope the number of people in the room illustrated how much the community wants to get behind COD.

I'd be happy to add to the documentation for COD7 as it evolves so that others can get up and running. What's the preference in updating the COD 6 documentation at versus extending the COD 7 specific pages starting at

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