Any contributed module are known buggy to postgresql?

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I have a VPS which i run OpenERP with Postgres and currently I'm thinking to move my Drupal 7 ecommerce site from shared hosting to the VPS also. because the VPS are running only 512mb and OpenERP can only run on MySQL so I'm thinking to convert the database from MySQL to Postgresql for my Drupal commerce site.

So i'm trying to gather information see any fellows member here has problem using postgresql with contributed module here.



Hello Max, There are lots

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Hello Max,
There are lots (most) modules which work 100% with PostgreSQL, there are however a few which do not. I do not have a definitive list, so the best recommendation I can give is to try out the modules you are interested in, and If you find one that does not work with PostgreSQL let the developer (and us) know and someone may work on a patch for you.


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Be very careful

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I've run a number of Drupal sites off of PostgreSQL over the past three or four years, and I have to say -- it's probably not worth the trouble -- the pain you're going to suffer is not worth it. (And I can't tell you how much it pains me to say that, being a complete PostgreSQL fan and not a fan of MySQL.)

Sometimes, it's better to stay with the herd.

Jared, the site you running

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Jared, the site you running are Drupal 6 or 7??


I'm running PostgreSQL on

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I'm running PostgreSQL on both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. Both require a few patches to core to run well with PostgreSQL.

Third-party modules are a complete nightmare with PostgreSQL, even popular modules like Mollom or Domain Access.

I saw that someone else reported running Drupal Commerce on PostgreSQL -- in particular, I couldn't do this because none of the search functionality would work (due to overly long table names, as I recall).

No problems so far

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I have a few sites running Drupal 7 commerce on PostgreSQL 9.1 with no problems at all. Modules I have used, besides commerce itself, are:

  • commerce_bpc
  • commerce_cod
  • commerce_email
  • commerce_extra
  • commerce_invoice
  • commerce_flatrate

With Drupal 6 running PostgreSQL was very difficult indeed but with 7 my experience is modules that do not run properly with PostgreSQL are better avoided anyhow.

Also, don't forget to check

Kind regards,

In particular, none of the

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In particular, none of the search capabilities in Drupal Commerce would work for me, as they were generating table names that were too long for PostgreSQL.

Of course, the module author's answer was "recompile PostgreSQL with support for longer table names". :-(