Looking for volunteer work with drupal theming

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I'd like to get more experience for my portfolio and help out an organization or non-profit. I would be willing to work for free or trade. I am not a graphic-designer, I am only interested in front-end dev work.



front end work

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Hi, I've got a project for you. Check out this web site:


On June 27th they're holding a conference for people living in poverty and matching them up with volunteers, just normal people, who just want to help. It's kind of a big deal, and it's getting some state wide, and even nation wide visibility, but the problem is the look of tlhe web site does not in any way reflect the importance of it. This is being put together with volunteers and me. I'm not a volunteer, but have limited time and expertiese to put into this. This is my company (http://www.combarriers.com), we are being contracted to help put on their event, and the technical help that I'm providing is just a small part of that. I've set up a drpual site and integrated it with CiviCRM and am helping them configure it to work with all their volunteers and event participants. Notice how the web site is so spartan. There is NO ONE currently looking at customizing the look. Contact me if you're interested. Let me know what you can do, and I'll pass this information to their cheif volunteer in charge of all things technical. My contact info: cforbes@combarriers.com