Last Drupal Sydney meetup - the weather guy!

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Hey, who was the fellow with the weather feed last month? Could he get in touch?

I'm doing a cheap and nasty quote for someone who wants a BOM and CFS feed on his site so I wants your weather feed :)


You can have a look at Kim's

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You can have a look at Kim's code on this module if you want some examples.

Presenter is John Horner

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John Horner was the presenter for that session. The session is recorded but not quite up yet.

Yeah that was me. Happy to

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Yeah that was me. Happy to supply my code but I'm at work and it's at home! Contact me at and I'll email you later.

Actually I'll ask a question

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Actually I'll ask a question which betrays a gap in my knowledge of PHP installations. My module as I said in the presentation uses

  • XML::Reader
  • DomDocument
  • DomXpath

which were all pre-installed -- but can a user be confident that those will all be available in a normal PHP5 install?

I have greater experience with Perl, which takes a less kitchen-sink approach (you often find that you don't have module X::Y::Z but it's easy to install). If I had all that useful XML-wrangling PHP in my XAMPP install, does that mean everyone else does too?

I have no idea. If it isn't,

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I have no idea. If it isn't, I'm sure people can install it though.

Not going to look too far into it until I figure out what this guy wants. He was trying to hit me up for a free site for cross promotion (I'm winding up a business in mid north SA and his site is for that area, not much benefit to me obviously when by EOFY I won't own a business in his area) and I'm trying to hit him up for money :)

Chalk it up to practice in haggling.

Also, people can't read. Our site quite clearly says "This business is closing at the end of the 2013 financial year. Please direct all requests for larger scale Drupal development to "


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