Looking for Church Website builder/developer

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Our current website, arcluverne.org, was built by me in about a day (Drupal 6). At the time, I planned to tweak it, theme it, and add some features as I found time and leaned more about Drupal. But, I never (yet) found the time or expertise to do what I envisioned.

Now, we want to update the site, probably starting from scratch, and probably relying on more than just me. And I am looking for site builders that can help me in that endeavor.

If interested, feel free to contact me and provide some examples/references of your work.



I have done several church

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I have done several church sites in the past in Drupal 7. Depending on your timeline I could work with you.

paid or unpaid

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is this a work for pay or donate time request?

Well, I intended it to be a

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Well, I intended it to be a work for pay thing, but donations are welcome ;-)

work for pay

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My reason for asking is that when it becomes a donation - the group never seems to put any time into making decisions and it becomes a never ending, never launched site.

I've created many drupal sites including my own church (we are on the second version - drupal 5, then drupal 6 and maybe wait and do drupal 8?) - I'm in Minnesota - if interested in talking, send me an email.


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Hi Arlin,

Where are you located? Are you looking for someone local or will you consider remote assistance? I'm located in CA. Have you looked at some of the organization-centric distributions? They are a really good starting point and there is one specifically focused on the needs of Church sites called "Open Church".


Let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Located in Luverne, MN, and

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Located in Luverne, MN, and we might show some preference to more local assistance, but it is not a requirement.

Yes, I have looked at Open Church, but there were some things I did not like about it... does not mean Open Church is out of the running. Just means we are still open to multiple proposals.

Lucky for you...

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There is a pretty strong Drupal Community in the Twin Cities region, are you close? If you have trouble finding anyone locally, feel free to contact me if you need any help. Good luck.

Located nearby

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I am in Sioux Falls.

I was Web Admin for Jamestown College in Jamestown, ND. I am from here so I moved back last August. I've been working remotely for the college since then. However, I am being replaced by a local firm (local in Jamestown).

I built their site (jc.edu) on Drupal 6.

Church Website Help

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Hello Arlin,

I am located in the Minneapolis area. I have done our church website in Drupal 6 and am currently doing a major overhaul of it in Drupal 7. I have also done sites for other businesses such as a resort, a massage therapist, and insurance agency. I have done some of these local and some remote. Being in Luverne we are only about 3 hours apart.

I would love to help you with your project. The fact that you are aware of Open Church says you have done some homework, and the fact that there are some things you don't care for tells me you have a good idea of what you want in your site. That is the key element in building a successful site for anyone, is for them to have a good idea of what they want. I don't believe there is one Theme or one distribution out there that will give you everything you need, it is a matter of choosing a foundation and then customizing from there.

If you are interested, please contact me and we can at least have a conversation and see if we are a match to work together.

Looking forward to heading from you.


Church Website Help

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I am available. If you are still looking. I've had a great deal of experience with church sites and can provide examples and references. Recent work in moving church site from 6 to 7 and designing Mobile theme.


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Thanks for all the replies and offers.
No decision has been made yet, so feel free to keep posting.

We have an internal meeting planned for next Wednesday (July 17, 2013) with our church staff to better define our wants and goals in a new website. You can see the questions we will be asking ourselves and answering here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8L65Kr-t-OtVXJneFFkWXkzeU0/edit?usp=sha...

So, after we are done with that process, we will then be ready to start choosing a design providers.

In other words, thanks for the replies. They tell me that there are lots of willing and able providers to choose from.
Be patient if we don't get back soon. I'll keep this group posted on status of our project.

Looks like you need a login

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Looks like you need a login to access the link you provided.
I would love to look at your list of questions. As a church staff, we met some time bqack to go thru the same process so if nothing else it would be interesting to see what your church needs are compared to ours/

Ah, Sorry 'bout that. I

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Ah, Sorry 'bout that.
I updated the link to point to my google drive instead. Here it is again:

Next Gen Website

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Hi Arlin,

My church is also beginning the process of determining what we want for the next generation website. Currently, the church website is viewed as an end-point or destination for content. After all the important work is done, someone has to remember to update the website, facebook page, etc.

My vision is to use the workflow and content management features of Drupal to turn the process around and make the website an integral part of the daily operations. A key insight is that churches are in many ways like a small publisher. Sermons, newsletters, etc are routinely created and distributed to a number of destinations. Content is created or uploaded to the website for editing, review, and approval, then pushed to the final destinations. I'm looking at distributions like OpenPublish for ideas on how to achieve this.

Announcements are a good example of something that needs to be managed. Announcements are a lot like events, but not quite the same. Many (most) events will be accompanied by an announcement. I define an announcement as a message that has a start and end date, and a list of destinations where it will be displayed. Destinations include things like bulletin, newsletter, public website, private website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Announcements, unlike events, don't always have a time and place, nor do they appear on the calendar. Like other kinds of content, they are submitted by members or staff, reviewed and approved, and then automatically published on the start date and removed on the end date.

Volunteer management is another area we are looking to Drupal for effective solutions. A key insight here is that the membership directory must be at the core of the website. We would like to integrate our annual time & talent survey into the member's profile, allowing members to indicate where they are willing to volunteer. Secondly, we want to be able to create and manage volunteer 'events' such as ushering, multimedia operator, lawn mowing, etc. Members should be able to sign-up for these events, find alternates for schedule changes, and receive reminders before each event.

As we begin the process, I realize our biggest challenge will be to change the culture of "Well, we've always done it that way".

Information is free, knowledge is acquired, but wisdom is earned.

100% agree

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Hi John!
Yep I 100% agree with almost everything you said.
My ultimate goal is to make the website a church community management tool.
Now, we create a weekly bulletin/newsletter, distribute that on Sunday, and populate website content from that.
I would love to reverse that process continuously update the website & pull our bulletin material from the website... even allowing 'anonymous' contributors post to the website.