Photographic Blog homepage: Is there Drupal module that can do this?

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This site's homepage is displaying nodes chronologically using images from the latest posts. The mouseover displays summary text. Clean and dramatic design for a image-intensive blog site. But also appears to be a sluggish.

Already checked. Not a drupal site.

Is there a drupal module that can approximate this? This would be godsend for photographers and/or travelers posting constantly.


Achieve using theming

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I don't know the module that provide the same functionality. But you can achieve the same functionality using theming.

CSS3 transitions and opacity

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You can easily achieve that with CSS3. Load the images and text you want with fields. Hide the fields with opacity and show on hover. Here is a tutorial for this (in German, though, but you get the idea):

For IE8 you can use the filter property:

CSS3 transitions and opacity

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Hi Criscom, looks like a decent tutorial and the Google translation seems to be pretty accurate. Just don't have the time to build it. This would make a very useful module if someone ever did it.

I looked at Image Matrix module but works only with image field.

no module needed

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Hi Ali,

I think you could do this with CSS3 alone. No module needed. Just set up two fields in your content type, assign classes to them with DS and style them to your needs.


no module needed

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Hi Ali,

I think you could do this with CSS3 alone. No module needed. Just set up two fields in your content type, assign classes to them with DS and style them to your needs.


Use CSS3

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Hi All,
As I already mentioned above that we can achieve this using theming with CSS3.So there is no need to use module for this and you can do this by simply styling(theming) the fields.

@Ali.T You can achieve this

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@Ali.T You can achieve this by CSS3 easily .

Like everyone said, you can achieve this with views,

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and CSS. Just hide the caption field with a display: none, by default, and show it on hover. There is not even a javascript transition, but if there were, you could use jquery to display it smoothly.

Just for the record, I found

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Just for the record, I found out the site is using the Autofocus theme for Wordpress.

Hey, did you know you can

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Hey, did you know you can easily do this with css3?


Unfortunately, there isn't any module that really does this on its own out of the box. There is an old support question on this at (along with an even older tutorial on how to do something like this...but for D6 - it shouldn't have changed all that much, however). The general consensus seems to be to use something like views_slideshow and adapting it that way (though you may also want to look at that I think about it, it may actually get you there most of, if not all, the way).

OpenFolio Distribution

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Take a look at the Drupal OpenFolio distribution:

It provides a web portfolio site for any photographer or visual artist, and it's also been built as a teaching aid to demonstrate several Drupal modules that photographers would find useful.

Modules for photo blog sites

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Look into the following Drupal modules:

  • Views Display plugins: Views Fluid Grid, Masonry
  • Views pagers: Infinite Scroll or Views Load More

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Module for Photo Gallery Sites

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I've been studying this idea for about a year, and there is nothing in Drupal that is quite right. Yes, it can be done with many of the mentioned above workarounds, but no simple easy module that has the right flexibility. Why is this?

I've used panels and views to "engineer" my own solutions. There are a few paid themes that are a bit better, but still not 100%.

This is one of the reasons why Drupal doesn't grow more quickly. I realize many Drupalers like it this way - you have to pay a consultant to build everything, this ain't wordpress, but if this was fixed more sites would be built. A new paid theme? If anyone wants to work on this together please contact me.

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