Big issue queue clean-up at DrupalCon

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2013-09-27 09:00 - 17:00 Europe/Prague

On Friday, September 26, we’ll have table(s) in the big sprint room. Come and help us improve home for the Drupal project. No specific coding skills required!

We are going to go though maintenance queues, such as Webmasters, Content, Infrastructure, fix as many issues as we can and close old, not relevant any more issues.

You can also join remotely via IRC, #drupalorg channel on Freenode.


Thanks lisarex, eliza411,

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Thanks lisarex, eliza411, killes, dasrecht, NITEMAN, dddave and everyone else who took part in the sprint. We managed to get issue count for Webmasters queue from 760 down to 500 and for Infrastructure queue from about 600 to 300. A lot of issues were also cleaned up in the Content queue. Good job everyone! Improvements

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