New Video - Applying Patches to Drupal Core

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Hey folks, I've got another video out, Applying Patches to Drupal Core - there is .mp4 and .mov and a torrent for the .mp4. This one is just as quick and dirty as the last one - it is 12 minutes. It shows you how to use the command line to apply, test and reverse patches for Drupal core. This is a great way to be part of core development even if you know nothing about code. The developers are writing the patches but they need many eyes to test them and see if they really work in a wide variety of use cases. Improving Drupal code involves both steps - creating and testing. So basically all you need to do to help is apply a patch and then use your site to see if stuff works. We are also asking devs to add specific items they would like tried out in their issues so it's easy for you to go through the motions they need.

This is seriously a very important job to help move Drupal 6 forward. There are literally hundreds of core patches that are sitting around that need to be tested before they can even be considered to get committed. If you want to help out, the video is a great start and the Patches section of the handbook has tons of info, but if you still have questions or run into problems make sure you search the d.o forums first to see if others have already answered your question. If that fails to give you help, feel free to ask for assistance on IRC in the #drupal-dojo channel or post to the Reviewers group.

Also, if anyone feels inspired to create a video on applying patches using a GUI (like TortoiseCVS) - please don't hesitate! My videos are rough around the edges so don't feel like it has to be perfect, something is better than nothing. Ask for help on how to create the video and we're more than willing to help.



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Great screencast for those who are new to the command line, and patching in particular!

add1sun, I'd like to see (and hear) you do more screencasts... your voice is very gentle and pleasant to listen to :) ;)


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Yes, add1sun's voice is very clear and persuasive (esp. for non-coders like me). Thanks for all your work!


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This is going to be uber useful. Thanks so much for putting it together! |


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I never even knew this was here. This is great. Thank you Addi :)

Even more

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This and a bunch of other useful vids are listed in the Development How-To section of the Videos and Slides section of the handbook.

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