This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

A major pain in the butt for many developers is that their patches never gets reviewed (me included), therefore this group was created. It's purpose is to help people to make reviews, to coordinate reviewers, share experience and a place for review exchanges (i.e. I'll review your patch if you review mine).

Useful links; - The revision process - Criteria for evaluating proposed changes - Coding standards - Tips for reviewing patches - HOWTO: Apply patches - HOWTO: Benchmark Drupal code - Play patch bingo, and do it often - The patch spotlight

And of course in general.

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Core office day (DrupalCon Denver sprint)

2012-03-23 09:30 - 17:00 America/Denver
Event type: 

Our Core office day sprint has been selected as one of the featured sprints for DrupalCon Denver.

It's probably a good idea for the sprint co-leads to meet and chat about stuff earlier in the week. My availability:

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Issue Summary Initiative

To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.

The issue summary initiative has four goals:

  1. To reduce confusion and save contributors time with clear, accurate issue summaries for core issues.
  2. To make reviewing core issues easier.
  3. To reduce the number of core issues that get buried or stalled.
  4. To help familiarize new contributors with core and the core development process.

(For extensive background information, see

Issue summaries might be contributed in several ways:

  1. Individually. (I'm writing one a day; how about you?)
  2. Core office hours
  3. Issue summary sprints
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RFC: Core issue queue office hours and 'triage team'


First office hours are this week, see

A few of us have been discussing in irc ways to improve the triage of the core issue queue.

The proposal

Several times per week, people join #drupal-contribute and ask for help getting started contributing to Drupal. Depending on who's in the channel at the time, they might be pulled into reviewing a specific core issue or contrib module, writing documentation, or if the channel is quiet just ignored.

To help structure this process better, we're proposing holding 'core issue queue office hours' a couple of times per week (or more regularly if enough people volunteer). This is not a new idea, Views already has a bug squad, jQuery has a bug triage team (and fancy graphs), and the Usability team and some Drupal 8 initiatives are holding regular office hours or irc meetings.

There is no 'core development team' as such, however there are people who regularly work on core issues, as well as people who are regularly in the #drupal-contribute irc channel. For new contributors, it is not at all obvious who those people are, or how to get involved. Regular office hours will make it easier for people to join the effort.

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taxonomy_access_user module review

Hi drupal !

I'm posting here to request a review of a module i'd just coded and that i would
like to submit on Before doing this, i would like someone to review
my module. Even if i'm pretty confident with my code which i've been testing for last
2 weeks, i would prefer others' advice.

About the module :
This module provides taxonomy based user control for user but unlike modules already
available on with inheritance notion. For more information please read the
README (available below).

Thank you by advance.

Code is available here on github :
Or as a tgz :

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Page Lang

Two years ago I created a module to increase the relevance of my webistes/pages for search engines, using SEO techniques.

This module doesn't increase the general relevance, but increases the relevance in a particular country without changing the relevance elsewhere. For example, if you have Spanish schools in Canada and your clients are Canadian you have to specify some code in the header of your page such as “en-ca”.

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Help testing the CCK Multigroup module

Hi all,

I've been working on a patch to the CCK multigroup module that I feel it's almost there. It needs as much testing as possible however. If you think you may need this feature, then please help testing, so maybe it can be included in the next release of CCK2, which I don't know because it depends on the CCK maintainers, but getting this tested, will help.

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Guess what the File API functions do!

As part of the Media/Files Code Sprint we're trying to re-evaluate the mess of badly named functions in When we were discussing it on IRC, clouseau pointed out that it's been a popular drinking game at DrupalCon for a few years.

Take a look at each item in the list and make a guess about what you think each function does based solely on the name--to make this a fair fight I'm even giving you the parameter names--then look at the documentation and see how you did.

Please leave comments telling us which were the easiest to guess and which functions totally puzzled you. This is a big list so feel free to comment even if you don't make it all the way through.

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First patch for FCKeditor support hit Wysiwyg's queue

I have spent the last hours to get a first draft of FCKeditor support in Wysiwyg Editor module.

It's still very rough and dirty, but it outlines what can be done and what needs to be done for multiple editor support in Drupal via one API module.

Now I badly need some feedback from folks that are interested in centralized Wysiwyg editor support, who know jQuery + JavaScript, and who might have ideas and suggestions on how to solve the outlined design challenges. Of course, all editor module maintainers are implicitly more than welcome.

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sun's vision for handling embedded/inline content and Wysiwyg in Drupal



As some of you know, I've recently taken over maintenance of Inline and Image Assist, and initiated the Wysiwyg project. That was not only caused by personal interest, but also to take the necessary steps to realize the long awaited Inline API. You might ask yourself, what those three modules have in common or to do with each other at all: They deal with user input, allow to embed complex contents into a content, and provide an interactive GUI for that. If you already had the chance to work with them, you already know that there is a rather hidden, non-obvious hard-dependency between them.

Although I'd really like to discuss both topics (Inline and Wysiwyg support) separately, the gained experience on these topics enforces us to discuss them concurrently. The following mockup hopefully explains why: (see attachment to view in full size)

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Sessions on Community: Code Review Wanted For Drupalcon 2008

My name is Matthew Pare and I'm a Co-Chair for the "Community and Core" track for Drupalcon Boston 2008. Over the last couple of weeks we have been planning and brainstorming to make Drupalcon Boston 2008 the best Drupalcon to date! One of our recommended track session topics is "Code Review" and since your viewing this post on the Reviewers group I thought you would be excellent candidates for submitting sessions on the topic.

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Core / Contrib Issues That Require a Postgres Review

If you know of an issue that is being postponed while waiting for a Postgres review or that adds PostgreSQL compliance to a module and therefore needs testing on PostgreSQL - add it to the top list with a brief description and an estimate of the time to review. Once reviewed, move the issues to the bottom "reviewed" list, perhaps with your name attached.

The more patches you review, the less chance there is of this happening

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State of the issue queue

The past two-three weeks I've spent a lot of time in the Drupal 6 issue queue. This involved a mixture of reviewing patches I really wanted to see get into Drupal 6, writing or re-rolling some small patches for small bugs and typos, and trying to clear the issue queue as much as I could down to a manageable size. I commented on something like 160 issues in seven days, and read through many more.

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Active URL alias, and a revamped alias editing interface! demands your review. Code freeze has happened, but i'm still tempted to get this in, and hopefully it will. The patch is nothing that's stuck anywhere. That is, we should be ready for the RTBC state, as soon as there are a few more detailed reviews. Even usability reviews are welcomed!

Details about changes

  • Active/Preferred(Redirect to) alias per system path. So that all your aliases can redirect to the preferred one.
  • Search Engine Optimization! Google hates multiple urls with same content, this one of course is a ++ to SEO in Drupal.
  • A whole new intuitive path alias editing interface. Easy to grasp at first glance!
  • Total multi-language support for aliases. Language tabs appears, whenever you are editing an alias. A screen shot says it all: aliases | Drupal_1181082809921.png
  • Fixes several glitches in path module/system.

Screen shot

Only local images are allowed.

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Help review the 'Custom content types as forum topics' patch

The issue is at:

It's the most awaited one after flat forums(coming soon!), and posting this one so that we can move on to flat forum one asap! Now, for this one, imagine you want polls to appear in your forums, this patch gets any content type in there, and likewise the possibilities to push any content into forums by choosing related category. Hopefully this much makes enough sense what the patch does. Will also post a port for Drupal 5.x, as requested by Michelle.

Issue link again:

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Help Drupal 6 rock in the multilanguage world!

For Drupal 6 to be able to come out with some fundamental multilanguage support changes, reviews of some modifications and improvements are needed. There is not much time left until the code freeze, but we have a list of important issues and some possibly nice additions for you to look at. Lot of the groundwork material we developed is already in Drupal 6, which makes it possible to provide some cool user facing functionality. Now it is a good time to review the suggested changes, propose corrections and help Drupal 6 to rock in the multilanguage world.

What's already in Drupal 6? A new language subsystem which supports multiple text groups to store translations in (additionaly to the built in interface translation text group available before). There is built in support for language dependent paths and domains, right-to-left written text, with some of the themes already capable of displaying RTL pages out of the box (more to come). Interface translations are automatically imported from the file system when you install Drupal or you enable modules and themes. Posts on the site can have language associated with them, and there is a simple content translation module built into Drupal.

What is left to do? Well, the following:

Translating site settings - The absolute minimum to support site settings translations with a contributed module

Translating content types, user profile fields, etc. - Minimal object translation wrapper for content type, profile, aggregator, etc. translation

Themes still missing right-to-left display support - Pushbutton RTL styles
... - Garland and Minnelli RTL styles

More visible language support - Language-aware search

Usability improvements - Redoing the locale module translation web interface (see
... - Define and implement Drupal 6 translation packaging format, redesign interface translation workflow (this is done as part of Google SoC 2007)

Would be nice for multilanguage features, but probably not going to happen in Drupal 6 or - Two different approaches for built-in site settings translation - Translating any objects in Drupal (it has a good UI, but the performance is not acceptable yet) - Rework profile categories (has many advantages, for one being able to translate categories) - Refactor variable defaults
... - Eliminate t() from $link parameter of watchdog() calls

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Performance review of object translation required

We have posted a patch to support object translation of certain Drupal objects (content types, user profile fields and categories, site settings, and so on) to multiple human languages. While we have clear concepts and very good ideas for the user interface (which we though before that would not be easy), performance-wise we are at crossroads. We would welcome beginner as well as expert reviewers to come and share their performance ideas about Drupal object translation, so Drupal 6 can include a mature translation infrastructure, advancing ahead of the competition. ;) We need your input!

"Introduce dynamic object translation API (optimize this!)"

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Patch Spotlight!

Check out the current Patch Spotlight here
patch spotlight druplicon

This is a great project for everyone to get involved in - you will be a part of the team working on core drupal, you'll learn about the goodies coming in the next version of drupal and gain instant karma - without needing to know any code! We are highlighting specific core patches that need to be tested before they can be accepted into core. This is a crucial step for actually moving the development of Drupal forward since much code has been written but it isn't going anywhere if it hasn't been tested.

There are a number of links to resources available on the Patch Spotlight page. Feel free to ask questions either in the Drupal Dojo or Reviewers group pages or in the #drupal-dojo IRC channel.

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Proposal for restructuring patch docs

add1sun started this at with an excellent proposal for organizing the patch docs in the d.o handbooks (see below). now that the patch spotlight is underway, i'd like to propose a more thorough restructuring of the patch-related docs, building on what add1sun laid out. i know we normally don't use "top-level" path aliases, and prefer to prefix with "/handbook", but in this case is already pointing to a node buried deep in the patch-related docs. so, we should take advantage of that, and build a path (and book) structure on top of that which makes sense. in some cases (e.g. we're already doing that. let's finish the job.

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New Video - Applying Patches to Drupal Core

Hey folks, I've got another video out, Applying Patches to Drupal Core - there is .mp4 and .mov and a torrent for the .mp4. This one is just as quick and dirty as the last one - it is 12 minutes. It shows you how to use the command line to apply, test and reverse patches for Drupal core. This is a great way to be part of core development even if you know nothing about code. The developers are writing the patches but they need many eyes to test them and see if they really work in a wide variety of use cases.

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A few issues needing review

Hey guys,

I could really use a few reviews on some issues that are lagging. I have seven issues set to CNR at right now.

In particular I'm interested to hear if there are any suggestions for these two UI-related patches:
1. Custom date-time formats
2. Links to jump to previous/next new comment


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