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Translation unit editing in Heartsome XLIFF Translation Editor By looking at what people described as their use case, there is a considerable amount of interest in a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) support tool in Drupal. While Drupal 6 could (and will by default or with a contrib module) provide a translation interface for nodes, content created in professional systems is often not translated inhouse, translation work is outsourced to professional translators. These professionals employ tools to remember previous translations, build on existing terminology and reuse what is already done. The industry standard for data interchange with these tools is the XLIFF format, for which fortunately Bryan Schnabel developed (and released under GNU GPL) some XSL transformations I was able to reuse.

All this resulted in the first implementation of XLIFF Tools, a module to export and import XLIFF data of Drupal nodes. I have tested some basic content nodes with Heartsome's XLIFF Translation Editor, and everything seems to be working smoothly, but there are probably hard edges you will be able to find if you try out this new tool. A development snapshot for Drupal 5.x will be available as soon as the build system generates the tarball.


XML Localisation Interchange File Format

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I edited your project description to include the acronym explanation: XML Localisation Interchange File Format.


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And I have seen you added a few links, which I carried over to the README. Thanks!

great work..

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hi Gábor,

I just wanted to compliment you on your work with this and for nudging the initiative.

Quick question re; existing terminology...does a Drupal localisation glossary or translation memory exist (in English)?

I'm aware of Moshe's glossary module, but, when I saw your tool...I was thinking that it might be used to help build a Drupal translation memory in English, which would allow handbook pages to be written using existing or standard phrases....and making the localisation of same much easier. (i.e. if the original English phrases are standardised,..subsequent french, german and other translation memories are easier to build).

not sure if that makes sense or not, but, I'm interested in this area and was just curious if your tool could be applied in such a way.


not impossible :)

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This is not impossible with the help of XLIFF tools, but you need a translation memory, which could export the glossary recorded. I don't think the easiest way to your goal goes through XLIFF tools.

importing XLIFF

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Hi Gábor,
it's great to see a module which runs on the industry standards, great work congratulations to you.
I am new to drupal and my company has just implemented drupal and i am working on the localization project. I installed your module and exported a node and got that translated in to franch by our translator through a XLIFF editor, but when imported that XLIFF file back to the site than it changed the content of current node which was in English. So first i would like to ask is this what the import feature should do ? to my understanding it should gave created a different node with changed language and reference to the main node.
Please help me out with this.



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