Signups TAB = Attendies or Registered?

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What's your idea?

Changing the Tab names or Moving the sign up button on Top?

What are the benefits?

At first glance if i want to sign up i click the TAB believing it to be a link to sign up.

And seeing there's no sign up button in the "Sign Ups" Tab i figured it's a closed event and move on.

What are the risks?

NONE clearer understanding on how the tab works.

How can we measure the impact of this idea? (metrics)

Non-Drupal users ease of sign up and want to skip reading the details.

Who directly benefits from / will use this improvement? (target audiences)

The Visitors who just want to signup and read the details later as to save space and faster time to sign up and skip the long scroll to the bottom of the page.

Are additional resources available for discovery/implementation? (volunteer effort, financial backing, etc.)

simple coding work around or just plain renaming.


This is good now I assume

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I believe this isn't a barrier any more for folks signing up.