Can we use drupal logo on my company website banner

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Hi Drupal Family,

I want to know about using the drupal logo on my website front page banner to represent my company as a drupal development company.

I have written "We are drupalian and develop in drupal". Also added some other opensource CMS. Is there any trouble to use this kind of banner.

If it's not allowed, then let me know how to do so. I need to show drupal as my favorite tool in web development.

Many thanks!



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The Druplicon logo is GPL, so you're free to use it under the GPL. The use of images under the GPL is a little bit gray, but in general putting the Druplicon on your site should be fine; If you incorporate it into your logo itself as an integral part of the design, that MAY (depending on the details and your lawyer) cause your logo to need to be under the GPL. I'd suggest against that. Just having the drop on your site though to indicate "hey, we do Drupal" is totally fine.

The Drupal wordmark (in the top left of the site) is NOT under the GPL, and is more closely guarded as a trademark. You should speak to the Drupal Association about that before using it.

I think contacting the DA

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I think contacting the DA should be the last step. Read Drupal media kit and trademark policy first. Contact your own lawyer second. Contact the DA as a last resort.

Thanks Crell..

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Thank you very much...

I am talking about circular headed logo

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Can we use only circular headed drupal icon???