Store developer and webhosting needed for Syrian widow project

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The details are still emerging, but I am reaching out to my local Drupal community for help with the following project.

The current civil war in Syria has now left countless women without a breadwinner. Ones that are able to leave the country end up in refugee camps where they remain vulnerable. The ones that stay have no means, and without infrastructure in place, they have no ability to provide for themselves or their children.

Recently, a grassroots Syrian startup organization called "Jana Foundation" has been training these women how to knit clothing to sell. However, buyers in a country at war are obviously few. Jana itself has almost no means, since they are barely surviving too.

I need to build a simple e-commerce website that allows people to see the products and order them, as well as an option to include donations. As a front-end designer, I can design the site, but I need help with the backend dev. If more than one person is willing to help with this, we can split up the work, but we can keep it super simple. I could also use some help from a front-end developer if we wanted to improve the UX.

In addition to development help, I need someone with a reliable host. My personal discount host is terrible and tends to choke under a Drupal load.

This is off-topic, but if someone happens to know a good shipping option from southern Turkey to the US, please do share. I'm currently trying to find options.

You would receive eternal thanks for your generosity. You would also be given credit on the website.

I would like to have orders in ASAP with time to deliver them by Christmas. It may not be a reasonable goal since I leave for the Mideast on Dec. 10. But I might be able to find someone to fulfill the orders when they arrive in bulk. There is room at my home office for two additional people to comfortably meet in person.

I was studying Arabic in Syria until the revolution began. A close Syrian friend has remained behind in Aleppo (though she had options to leave) in order to care for the children and widows. I have no commercial interest in this project other than to support these women.

Contact me via my contact form at


I may be able to volunteer,

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I may be able to volunteer, please send me a message through my contact form here on


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I am very interested in helping on this project. I have a lot of front end and marketing skills to offer. Please contact me and we'll work it out.


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