PostgreSQL expert needed for security team issues

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The security team occasionally gets security issues which affect Drupal's interaction with PostgreSQL and sometimes the team has patches that will work on MySQL and break PostgreSQL, but do not receive enough reviews from PostgreSQL users prior to being released.

If you are
1. A PostgreSQL expert
2. Interested in joining the security team

Please send an email to security [at] listing your interest and qualificiations.

Qualifications for joining the team are fairly loose. We look for people who have demonstrated a long term commitment to Drupal and who feel they have enough time (a few hours a month) to devote to the team. We may give you a trial issue to work on before full team membership.



I most likely don't have to

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I most likely don't have to time to contribute to the Security team. Though I would love to help out. If anyone comes to mind, I'll recommend them to you.

Glad to help with testing patches

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Still thinking to join but I'm not good in english


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