First Tunisian Drupal Sprint

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2013-12-08 09:30 - 17:00 Africa/Tunis
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User group meeting

Hi everyone. Today we held the first Tunisian Drupal Sprint in conjunction with the U.K, Philippines, India and Japan. Thanks for the help and support from Robert Castelo, Luc Bézier and Pedro Cambra

Our big achievements were as follows:

  1. We did the first ever #drupalsprint in Tunisia, joining London, Cebu, Mumbai and Osaka.
  2. We worked on 5 issues - - with Adnen Chouibi, Achraf Noomane, Haithem, Salah Messaoud, Slim Ben Khelifa and Ahmed Ouadi all fixing and rerolling patches to Drupal core and Drush (over at github)!
  3. We had a google hangout with the London sprint team working from London, and Philippines and Osaka Japan on Saturday. It was nice to say high to everyone :)
  4. Ten committed people joined and met each other. We had a great time, great fun and learned a lot!
  5. All ten people went through the drupal ladder far enough to know how to reroll a patch.

Photos can be seen at:

We're looking forward to January 2014 for the next event!