Adding navigation links to a view

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How do you add the list navigation links for 'first', 'last', 'previous', 'next', and the numbers in between to the top of a view? They appear at the bottom by default, but I'm not sure how to add them to the top.
Thanks in advance!


Check out Pagerer

view pager on top of page

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Hello firesidelibrarian you want to show pager on bottom of the view page or block then you should make a view tpl file and use $pager for show the pager.

print $pager;

Ved pareek

Where do I do this?

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Thanks for the code snippet.
However, my programming skills are limited. Where do I create and put such a file?
Thanks again!

Modify TPL file

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Like vedpareek stated, make a new tpl file and output the $pager wherever you want it.

Thanks everyone for the ideas!

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Thanks for the suggestions. My programming skills are a bit rusty, so I will try Pagerer first.
I guess I had been searching under the wrong terms for what I needed ('navigation links' instead of 'pager').

Pagerer did not work

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Well, Pagerer did not work as I expected. Thanks aytee and vedpareek for the other idea, and the code.


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