January Drupal User Group

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2014-01-08 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles

Join us for the January Drupal User Group, where we'll ring in the new year with pizza sponsored by Drupalize.me, then IDE tours for Drupal 8.

We'll start with a little community building with an introductory tour of comaintainer.com by Greg Boggs. This is a site/tool designed to connect developers with projects that need co-maintainers.

Next, Maria Fisher will give us an introductory tour of using NetBeans for Drupal development. Then, we'll have a phpstorm deep dive with Jakob Perry. After that, we'll open the floor to questions and/or ad-hoc demos. What are you using and why? Bring your strong opinions and tough questions.

These talks will aim to focus on how the tools aid the developer in the object-oriented world of Drupal 8. But, much of the topics covered will likely map to other versions or even other platforms.

As the story goes, we'll start out with pizza and refreshments around 6pm; presentations will start about 6:30-ish. Afterwards, we'll make our way to the Lucky Lab on NW 19th & Quimby for further socializing and Drupal debauchery.

See you there: OpenSourcery, NW 16th & Lovejoy.



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The time for this event was set for 6 - 7:30 UTC instead of Pacific. Probably doesn't matter to most but I noticed since I feed this to Google Calendar.

@heyrocker, nice catch.

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@heyrocker, nice catch. Thanks for fixing.

Clashing events at OpenSourcery?

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It looks to me like two separate events are happening simultaneously at OpenSourcery, this one and PDXTech4Good / Portland Net Wednesday. Talk me down. Otherwise, better to catch it now than in two days time.

Sala kahle,

It's a mistake

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I'm the co-organizer for PDXTech4Good (in addition to doing a lot of Drupal stuff). We usually meet the first Wednesday and had pushed forward a week because of New Year's. We were looking for a venue and OpenSourcery offered -- but then realized it conflicted with the Drupal user group (which I obviously should have realized).

The only reason we haven't changed it yet is because we're still nailing down an alternative, and we don't want our members to get two notifications that the location has changed (back to TBA, and then to the final location).

But rest assured, we won't try to be having competing events!

Sadly, of course, this will mean I'll miss the user group this month. Happy new year everyone!


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I heard back from the other group and they are looking to relocate, so the DUG should be fine.

Sala kahle,


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Sorry, I missed rootwork's post. Glad it's sorted.

Sala kahle,

Portland (Oregon)

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