Bitcoin Startups Berlin - Drupal Integration

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2014-01-14 19:30 - 22:00 Europe/Berlin
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I will be presenting on my Drupal / Bitcoin integration at the Bitcoin Startups meetup.


As we all know that

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As we all know that Cryphtocurrency round up over the world but I'm happy to get your meetup link because I just have interest something in it and get rush essays to make my work good. Thank you!

Well done, done something for bitcoin!

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Dries Buytaert creator of Drupal raised a simple, yet extensive question on twitter (‘@Dries’) about a year ago:
“What could the Blockchain mean for a CMS like Drupal? #brainstorm”

I analyzed this question step by step back then. And then came to a surprising conclusion: it is much more interesting for Drupal to change the question.

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