Drupal Frontend Meetup - January 2014

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2014-01-16 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Location: TNG, found at 4540 SW Kelly Ave, Portland, OR 97239

Greg Boggs will tell us about some responsive and performance-related tips he's recently come across.

Bring your laptop to follow along, and any stories or tips of your own!


Hey Greg, I'd like to meet

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Hey Greg, I'd like to meet you! See you there. :)

Friendly reminder that the

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Friendly reminder that the front end meet is tonight at The New Group. Please come! You'll learn at least one new, awesome technique that you will use.

I've got a few interesting front end performance, font, and responsive related tricks to demo tonight. If you've got some cool new tricks to share, we'd love to hear about them.

There's always some amazingly talented folks at the meet up, so feel free to bring some questions as well. Mine for today was: what the heck is this .svg file format about?

Here's some conversation we had about topic ideas:


Greg - I'm really interested

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Greg - I'm really interested in your talk, but might be unable to make it tonight. Will you be posting your slides at some point?


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Fout - flash of unstyled text - webkit font loader
grunt.js to grunt watch, and grunt build for live reload, svg support and image cleanup
Responsive Images: Picture - breakpoint, Borealis
async javascript - Cloud flare, async snippets and javascript in the footer.

I'm going to collect all the

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I'm going to collect all the resources into a blog post tommorow. There were a ton of great questions tonight that deserve well linked answers.

Excited to read it when it's

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Excited to read it when it's live. Much appreciated!

As promised, Front End

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As promised, Front End Performance with links to resources.