Importing facebook events into nodes

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Hey everybody

I was wondering why there's still no proper module on Drupal which offers an easy import / aggregation function for facebook events. Other CMS's have similar extensions already, but Drupal still misses this one.

My knowledge about fql and opengraph API is rather limited but with this topic, I'm just trying to throw this idea in the community and see if anyone's already working on something similar.

It would be great import event from facebook into a node, filling in the corresponding fields automatically (e.g. date from fb events goes into a date field, event description goes into body,...)

So, I'm wondering: would anyone be interested in such module?


I would be interested in

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I would be interested in this. I was using to grab events from groups and post them to our Drupal site. With the new Graph API (v 2.0) it appears to be broken.

Facebook has changed the way authorization tokens works so now it is more difficult to grab those events without user interaction.

Facebook Events Module

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Just curious to know what kind of events are you looking to pull.I have worked a lot of facebook open graph apis. And also had a plan to develop a module.

Are you looking to pull in user events or page events?


I was actually trying to pull

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I was actually trying to pull events from groups. This is something Facebook had made more difficult recently.

Facebook Activity Stream Module

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Thanks i think we can pull non private events using the facebook application admin token. I meant to say that we can programmatically generate access tokens for facebook app admin and pull non private events.

But if we have to pull private events we need to have the event owner login and we can pull user events using his access token.

I had done a similar non drupal project where i used to pull both public and private events from facebook.


Hey, What I had in mind is to

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What I had in mind is to pull events by the facebook event id (for public events).

@pkamerakodi, are you planning to make a module as described in your last comment.

No matter what the status of

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No matter what the status of this issue this could be a grate idea to the

I would be very interested in

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I would be very interested in this! If it could pull private events as well that would be awesome but even if it's public events only, still useful.

I'm wondering if anyone had a

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I'm wondering if anyone had a further look into this?

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I manage an event-based community media.

Users would benefit from such a module where a node form would import data from a public Facebook event (title, description, image). As editor/webmaster, I would only need to fix/improve the unavoidable glitches as desired.

It logically can be done, but my PHP skills are too weak.