Where do people look for drupal jobs in London?

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Looking to recruit for an open Drupal position and I am unsure which recruiters / job sites are popular in the Drupal community?

I see this group has some Job activity (so I will add the Job spec shortly)

When you got your London based Drupal job which job site or recruiter did you use?

Thanks for your help!



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Lots of London-based jobs are posted here - permanent, contract, freelance etc. This is definitely a good starting point.

What's the position?

Mixture of channels

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Hey Joe, for me it was a combination of recruiters, job sites, company careers pages, and recommendations by friends. I eventually took up the job for which I applied through the company's careers page (even though I also secured offers from a recruiter-sourced company).

Like Rob said, this place is a good place to start, one of the offers I got was from a job posting here.

I got my London drupal job

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I got my London drupal job through a recommendation on #drupal-uk on IRC. Might be worth jumping on there and putting a mention out. Word gets around.


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Drupal.org jobs is best for recruiting on there because you don't pay the extortionate fees recruitment agencies charge. Also useful when looking for general drupal jobs also.

The solution is simple

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But you may not like the result.

If you have 2 yrs plus Drupal Exp and a CV that drips with Drupal put your CV on monster or Jobsite to be publicly searched and believe me the Agents will find you really fast.

I did this two years ago and got nothing done for a fortnight as I got 34 calls from agents in that fortnight, since each call involved at least an hour chat you can see I got naff all done apart from chat.

This is not the best way of course. I got two interviews from the 34 calls and I was too light on experience then for either job so no job.

I now work freelance and the agents I do deal with know that.

The advice above is probably better. I know who the good agents are and who the bad ones are as well.

The community is your best friend. Try going to the Drupal Meetup at the Square Pig in Holborn last monday in month and Drupalcamp London is a necessity. You should get some good links and a job that way.

I think he's trying to find a

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I think he's trying to find a Drupal developer rather than looking for a Drupal position himself!

But yes, if I don't get two or three recruiters emailing me on a daily basis offering me a position then that's a sign it's the weekend. And occasionally I get emails on weekends too.

I didn't realise that there was such 1. a need for Drupal developers and 2. a lack of Drupal developers in the UK.

Also, check out http://onsavvy.com/


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Should really read the whole of the starting post.

Drupal Devs are like hens teeth in London but the market has changed, Most roles seem to be permie now rather than Contract as they were 2 years ago. I assume it is cheaper for the client but the downside is some Devs don't want to get tied in to Permie roles.

I also get at least 2 emails a day almost all highly speculative. The agents I like dealing with have another email address to contact me on. That is how I sort the wheat from the chaff.

I've yet to find any useful agents

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I've yet to find any useful agents. I get the calls/emails/2 hour chats/exciting new opportunity bit and then nothing. Would you mind sharing the ones that you've had success with?

+1 for http://onsavvy.com/

This should help

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I'm an agent and a big tip for you all to avoid time wasting agents is to ask for a spec up front. If they can't provide it, chances are that they calling up to stock pile CVs or gather leads from you.

Do what I do with candidates. Agree to send updates on your current situation by email and then if I have something, I'll be in touch like a shot. As previously mentioned, those long phone calls will take you away from what you want to be doing and essentially stop an agent like me from talking to clients about you.

Drupal is a difficult skill to find and with agencies, it's often about speed of delivery. Stay in touch with your agents and things with go much smoother for you too.


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