Virtual planning meeting for Sunday sprint/mentoring day on Feb 2

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2014-01-14 19:00 - 20:00 America/New_York

We'll have a call or hangout tonight to plan the agenda for Feb 2.

If you'd like to participate leave a comment or contact me.

So far, we have possible activities:

presentation from Amy Cham on using (maybe 2x during the day)
presentation from Chris McCafferty on your first Drupal module
guided mentoring using buildamodule videos
Possible intro to Drupal 8 dev from Peter Wolanin


Virtual Meeting

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It is highly likely that I will be on the computer tonight. I will be working so I do not know how much participation I can give. Can you tell me where the hangout will be? Google plus or IRCs? I have to load Mirc if that is the case. Let me know. If it is Skype, we are good. Thanks.
PS The word "Sprint" is scary!

I'm interested but ...

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I have to put a 4 kicking, screaming 4 yr old to bed......

What time?


7:00 pm Eastern - I will

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7:00 pm Eastern - I will forward the call-in details

New Jersey

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