TC Drupal Global Sprint Weekend

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2014-01-25 11:00 - 2014-01-26 16:00 America/Chicago
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Twin Cities All Day Sprint as part of - Drupal Sprint Weekend 2014 (


Sunday - January 26th, 2014
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Nerdery
9401 James Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55431


Saturday - January 25th, 2014
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

718 Washington Ave. N - Suite 301
Minneapolis, MN 55401

See attachment for parking info. Apparently, you can park on 2nd Street for free on weekends.

TEN7 and The Nerdery have also offered to provide beverages and pizza for lunch!

(RSVP's are very helpful - but not required. Come if you can)

Contact Tim at: 651-246-5045

This is the Twin Cities Drupal gathering for Global Sprint Weekend.

This is an opportunity for folks to help contribute toward Drupal 8.

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. We will have experienced Drupal contributors available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder

(If you have questions about GIT, bring them with you).

On SUNDAY we will be offering some informal discussions/demonstrations on topics such as (as needed):
* Contributing to Drupal documentation
* How to create a patch
* Using GIT to contribute to Drupal
* How to re-roll a patch
* Navigating the Drupal Core issues queue
* etc.

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Added Saturday Option

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We just added a local opportunity to participate in Global Sprint Weekend. The folks at Ten7 have offered to host a sprint on Saturday afternoon from 11am - 4pm, for those who can't participate on Sunday or who are looking for additional opportunities to contribute.

718 Washington Ave. N - Suite 301
Minneapolis, MN 55401

If you have to pick one day to participate, we encourage you to consider the Sunday SPRINT at the Nerdery - where we expect to have more space and more opportunities to work with a mentor and participate in our round table discussions and demonstrations on topics such as:

  • Contributing to Drupal documentation
  • How to create a patch
  • Using GIT to contribute to Drupal
  • How to re-roll a patch
  • Navigating the Drupal Core issues queue
  • etc.

However, if you know what you are doing - OR if your a beginner than is unable to participate on Sunday, please join us on Saturday at Ten7 in Minneapolis.

PLEASE RSVP for both events at:

For more information:

NOTE: We only have 7 folks that have signed up so far - but I know of at least another 5-10 who have told me they are coming. If you have not yet signed up, please do so now!

Tim Erickson

Daily update on Global Sprint Weekend

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We now have 9 participants (including two names I don't even recognize) registered. Our goal is at least 30 participants over 2 days. See list/register at:

Based upon personal experience and feedback from others, I think it's safe to say that the more prepared we are for this sprint the more successful it will be.

In the spirit of an open source event, I've created a planning document where I've summarized current plans and yet unrealized ideas for next weekends SPRINT. PLEASE, take a look. If you have ideas or suggestions, jump in and edit the document and or post a comment.

Also, feel free to post comments here. As far as I know, this is the most ambitious non-camp sprint that we've organized. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Tim Erickson

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in Global Sprint Weekend

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The Top Ten Reasons to Come to Global Sprint Weekend

10) Quit complaining about Drupal Documentation and start
writing it.

9) How often do Drupalers and Drupalistas get together at over 30 sites,
in over 13 different countries, all at the same time and hack on CORE together

8) Spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon with folks even nerdier than you are.

7) See how high you can get on the Drupal Ladder.

6) It's not official, but rumor has it that Chris Weber will be holding
try-outs for the Drupal Team at this years Overnight Website Challenge.

5) You helped plan and organize the fun!
(or at least, its not too late to jump in).

4) Spend a day at place called the Nerdery. How cool is that?

and/or Check out the trendy downtown offices of Ten7
(Whats a "Ten7" anyway?)

3) Joe Shindelar gives great hugs!

Ask Matthew Tift about his secret life as a Doctor of Musicology

2) What better way to get acquainted with Drupal 8 then to help build it!

1) Because you use Drupal on a regular basis.
We're trying to get 30 people involved in contributing to Drupal
over 2 days and we need you!

Here is a chance to learn, share, contribute, enjoy, and engage!

Tim Erickson

Today's Global Sprint Weekend Update

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Registrations for this weekend's Sprint are now at 13, well on our way to our goal of 30 (or more).

It's exciting to see the names of folks I don't know on the list of participants. See for yourself at:

Sign-up or see list of participants at:

GOOGLE DOC (for planning) =

NOTE: If your not entirely sure about your plans, but think you MIGHT come, please go ahead and sign-up. Registrations are not "blood oaths" and we'll forgive you if your plans change.

FAQ - Global Sprint Weekend


No. This rumor is not true. Our application was denied. However, we do plan to celebrate the glory of winter at the sprints by carefully observing it through the windows of the Nerdery and Ten7 (assuming there are windows available to us).


This rumor is still unconfirmed. Why, are you interested? If so, please take the initiative and help organize it! (See our google doc - top of page)


No! There is a common misconception about sprints that they are only for people with skills. Unskilled and semi-skilled Drupal enthusiasts are also welcome and encouraged to participate. I've been to several Drupal sprints myself and they have yet to kick me out or make fun of me, you should be good!

You should have at least successfully installed Drupal and done some basic site building. If your reading this message, this is likely to be the case. There are opportunities to contribute to Drupal 8 simply by testing problems, re-writing issues, and improving documentation. If you are motivated to learn, we'll do our best to help you find a way to contribute.


We're still working on that. Please, make a suggestion at: (See our google doc at top of page)


Glad you asked:

  • Please, sign up! (If you are thinking of coming, but not certain, sign-up anyway to let us know that you might be there) - (see top of message)
  • Post a note on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+, TWITTER, or whatever other social media network you stumble across, encouraging your nerdy friends/colleagues to sign-up. If you can think of any other groups or individuals that might be interested, let them know about our plans.
  • Read through our plans for the sprint. BE BOLD and post a comment, edit the document, or make a suggestion! (See our google doc at top of page)

    Bring a laptop (ideally with a pre-installed local development environment, but not absolutely required), cables and power cords (we always need these at sprints), a willingness to stretch and learn something new!


    It's not likely that we'll fix everything in the issue queue this weekend, so there will very likely be a follow-up event or two or two hundred. At a recent TC Drupal meeting we set a goal of hosting quarterly sprints in the Twin Cities area. This is our first sprint since that meeting, I doubt it will be our last. Traditionally, we hold a sprint on the day after our local Drupal Camp (most likely this will be in July or August this year), hopefully we'll do something else between now and then.

    Tim Erickson

    Thanks, Tim, for pushing

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    Thanks, Tim, for pushing ahead with this. Great FAQ.
    I've been waiting for a scheduling conflict to be resolved, but I can now take part in this important and fun event. Hope others will also consider devoting a few hours to take part. So, thumb your nose at the polar vortex and join us.

    See some of you at the TC Drupal January Meetup tonight!


    Peter S

    "It's not likely that we'll

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    "It's not likely that we'll fix everything in the issue queue this weekend..."

    :-( Awwwwwww.

    David Needham
    Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon

    Thursday Update

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    We've reached 18 registrations for the SPRINTS this weekend, which is putting us a bit short of our goal of 30. Don't be shy, please sign up - or if impulse strikes you, just drop in this weekend. Sign-ups are very helpful, but NOT required to participate.

    Sign up here:

    If you are on the fence about participating, it might help you to know that TEN7 and The Nerdery have each agreed to provide pizza and beverages for lunch. What more can we ask for?

    HUGE Thanks to TEN7 and The Nerdy for their support.

    Our open planning process is still underway at:

    At last nights user group, many people seemed skeptical that they are sufficiently skilled or knowledgeable to contribute. There are LOTS of ways to contribute to Drupal core and we have gentle, friendly, and skilled mentors that would love to help show you how you can contribute. Please, come.

    Tim Erickson

    Getting more involved with Drupal

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    I wrote up a post on how I got more involved with Drupal, and how you can too! If anybody is nervous about coming to the sprints this weekend, I'm hoping this can help!

    See You All This Weekend - Global Sprint Weekend

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    Global Sprint Weekend starts tomorrow.

    It's not too late to sign-up! Or, if you like surprise us! Beginners are welcome.

    Did we mention FREE Pizza!

    REMEMBER - Tomorrow (Saturday) we are at .

    • TEN7
    • 718 Washington Ave N #301
    • Minneapolis, MN 55401

    Here is information about parking. Sounds like there are a few designated parking spots available and free parking on 2nd St.

    If you need a ride, call Wilbur - he may have room on his bicycle.

    Tim Erickson

    Change in plans

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    Good luck to everyone who is participating today! I REALLY wanted to join in, but my cold has gotten to the hurts-to-swallow phase, and I figure that's not the sort of thing that you all would appreciate me bringing to share.

    Have people tried doing sprints virtually? I'm not sure if I'd be up for participating today, but it might be good to keep today's momentum going without quite the level of logistics required for arranging in-person meetups. (Though without the free pizza...)

    There is still time to join us....

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    It's not too late to join us in person at the Nerdery for todays sprint. We'll be here until 4:00pm.

    The Nerdery
    9401 James Ave. South
    Bloomington, MN 55431

    (Call me with questions: 651-246-5045)

    There are 8 of here already, we are expecting at least a few more.

    If anyone wants to participate from home or your local coffee shop - you can find us at:

    IRC #drupal-twin-cities
    Google Doc:

    Tim Erickson

    weather keeping me home

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    I'm sitting here working on my taxes and when I look out I cannot see my back yard -- white out conditions -- sooo, thought better of driving in from where I am -- good luck to you all!

    Some pics

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    For those of you who can't be here.

    A few pictures to make you jealous.......

    Tim Erickson

    Nice, thanks Tim! Want to add

    David Needham
    Agency & Community Training Manager at Pantheon

    These are great pictures!!!

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    These are great pictures!!! Totally add them to the album

    TCDrupal Photo Albums

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    Jer, Barry, Peter, or anyone else....

    Does TCDrupal or TCDrupal Camp have any photoalbums where we archive photos from our events?

    Tim Erickson

    Yes, on Flickr

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    Hi Tim:

    Yes! But, upon review, it's all shoddily organized. We have a Flickr presence in 2 ways:

    I think having a Flickr group may make even more sense. So, I just created one -- It's open to anyone to become a member and post photos. I'll look into how to manage such a beast and we can promote it. Right now it's empty of photos so upload yours and I'll upload mine and we can go from there?

    Say cheese,


    Barry Madore
    Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

    More photos from weekend

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    Here is my entire set of photos.

    You can also search

    Tim Erickson

    Our Flickr group

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    Good idea to set up a group for everyone to upload photos. I have uploaded the photos from the TCDrupal flickr account, and everyone will have to do theirs individually.

    Unfortunately, the group site doesn't allow sets... grrr! making it difficult to organize into separate events, but I believe tags are allowed, so that may be the way to go for now.


    Peter S

    Thanks! Let's all upload to the Flickr Group

    Barry Madore's picture

    T'is true. Now there's a Flickr group for TCDrupal -- Anyone can join and upload photos. It would be great to see photos from all the different events we've had (past) and into the future. I'll be uploading from my existing Drupal and TCDrupal sets (if you're interested, look for Drupal sets at

    Even if you don't upload to the group, let's all use the tag "tcdrupal" on related photos in our Flickr accounts. That will allow them to show up when people do tag searches in Flickr or go to

    • barry

    Barry Madore
    Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

    Twin Cities

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