Drupal Sprint Weekend 2014 Extender

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2014-01-23 09:00 - 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Yes, we have Drupal Sprint Weekend 2014 in PDX. But wait, there's more! OpenSourcery will be hosting a local sprint for Drupal 8 development in honor of their 10th anniversary on the Thrusday before.

There will be donuts and coffee in the morning, and pizza and beer throughout the day. And of course, there's endless pinball. Anyone who is interested in making Drupal 8 rock is invited. The times noted here (9AM - 6PM) are the sprint hours; we'll be hanging around afterwards for socializing and such, there may be an anniversary cake.


Just call me "sprint support".

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I've made a couple of Drupal 7 pages and I want to know more. I've never been to a Sprint before but I want to be there!

Here's a great blog post

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Here's a great blog post about what to prepare for.

The main bullet points are to

  • Bring a laptop that's set up with an IRC client (ready to join #drupal-contribute).

  • Have an account on Drupal.org.

If you want to review or work on patches:

  • Download Dreditor, a browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome that helps with patch review.

  • Have a localhost web server working, so you can install Drupal 8 and test patches.

  • Install Drush 7.x

  • Familiarize yourself with Git, so you can apply a patch to your local Drupal 8 install.

Hopefully we'll see you there! If you have questions, feel free to ask in the #drupal-pdx IRC channel on freenode (see https://drupal.org/irc)