Resources/Examples of accessible views filters + AJAX?

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Hi all. Am looking for resources related to making Views filters accessible when they are exposed in a block and where AJAX is enabled.

Are there any examples or how-to resources out there that document what it takes to modify the default views templates to enable aria-live etc. in a way that would allow these features to be turned on and meet WCAG?

I saw a couple of related issues about D8, but am looking specifically for a technique that might be usable on a present-day D7 project.



Some elements can be backported

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There are ways to introduce ARIA to improve accessibility.

Useful to have specific examples though. Can you point to an implementation you'd like to improve?


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I don't have a specific implementation to point to at the moment. However, the question would apply to any view where AJAX is enabled and an exposed filter is turned on.

The specific use case I have in mind is a simple node teaser view for one or more content types with multiple exposed taxonomy term filters available and exposed in a sidebar block.

I had done some initial experimentation with theme overrides and functions to insert aria roles, but didn't have much luck getting AT to recognize the relationships or behave differently than they did originally -- thus the request for some resources and examples of where this may have been done before.

If no such resource exists, I'd be interested in helping to create one.

Thanks much!

I am having the similar issue.

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I am having the similar issue, any updates will be very helpful!
My use case is that I have a block with exposed filter. Whenever you've entered into the exposed field and submitted, the page refreshed but the screen reader is not prompted to inform the user that the page has updated with the search/filter results.

Would it not be possible to

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Would it not be possible to modify the exposed filter template yourself and submit it as a patch to the views project?


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