Drupal Nights presents "Client Training Rollouts Using Personas" with Kay VanValkenburgh on Thurs Feb 20

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2014-02-20 18:30 - 20:30 America/New_York

Client Training Rollouts Using Personas with Kay VanValkenburgh

Drupal Nights Hosted by BioRAFT, Cambridge MA

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Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 6:30pm


Davenport Conference Room
25 1st Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
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Kay VanValkenburgh


Our challenge as web professionals has long been to enable our clients to publish online. Employees currently publish on behalf of their employers using email, word processors and PowerPoint. Nothing could be more natural. Unfortunately, empowerment to publish to the web has a history of being stigmatized by barriers. However, the tools already exist for thought leaders, process creators and information analysts to publish directly to the web without first "learning Drupal." (And no, the answer does not rest with Wysiwyg.)

Web professionals need to match the content and methodologies of their training to the needs of their client’s organization. This will increase the web site’s value and usage. But how do you match these to the large and varied community that could be using your site?

We will explore how to identify different personas within your client's userbase to create a manageable set of archetypes to which you can tailor your training. By understanding the different segments, you can create targeted in-app guidance and formal classes. The result will be educated and comfortable users that will increase adoption of the project and web site.

By assessing their needs and planing "the handoff" to your clients, you can maintain quality and overcome the challenges of sizing, budgeting and sourcing the related efforts.

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About the Speaker

Kay VanValkenburgh is a Boston-based Drupal project director with a strong focus on training and mentorship. His latest venture is OwnSourcing, started in 2010 to develop hands-on training and project-specific documentation that help non-developers do great things with Drupal. Under the same aegis, Kay founded a mentorship program to help budding Drupal developers get their start. Kay geeks out on usable software, how people learn, world languages, and competitive sailing.

About BioRAFT

The BioRAFT platform is an innovative solution for laboratory safety, compliance and training. Designed by scientific researchers to aid scientific research, BioRAFT streamlines and automates the training and compliance process while being easy for researchers to use, which reduces compliance and training overhead and increases researcher productivity.


basic training

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Hi, I wonder if the Western Mass drupal group is the right place for a complete novice to start learning? Would I be wasting my/everyone's time? OR? Northampton area is fine for me although I'm based in southern NH near Keene.

Join the Keene NH Group

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Come join in the fun at the Keene NH Meetup!

The Keene Drupal users group has its first meetup of 2014 at a new location and date! We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our meetings at the Hannah Grimes Center at 25 Roxbury Street, in Keene, NH.
We are also changing the meetings to be on the fourth Wednesday of the month, which puts the first meeting on February 26th!

Topics planned for our meetup include:

  • New location, new website, new plans for 2014!
  • Presentation: Drupal 101: Installation and basic usage.
  • Show & Tell - have something to share, bring it along!
  • Q & A - bring your questions, we'll (try to) try to bring the answers

Yes! The Western MA group is great for a novice!

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A few weeks ago I finally convinced a colleague and friend that lives in western MA., to attend a Drupal meetup. We met years ago when we worked together at an over-funded company that developed an over priced proprietary software app similar to google Hangouts - we broadcast concerts and live events to anyone that downloaded the proprietary player. The company blew up in the dot com bubble burst incident at the turn of the century (just wanted to be able to say that phrase - 'turn of the century' - it sounds kind of epic.)

My friend had been trying to get his online store to be automated and he had been through the mill trying different solutions, some proprietary, Wordpress, even doing some strange super complex import process using Microsoft Access *LOL -
I drove from Boston out to Western MA. to pick up my friend and find the meetup in a small town called Hadley, MA. On the meetup page it counted only 3 people that had RSVP'd to attend. I hoped they were the RIGHT 3 people for my friend to meet... I also brought another friend with me from Boston, an artist that needs a portfolio site and a way to sustain himself financially while helping other artists/musicians. He had just installed his first Drupal 7 site and had no prior experience with creating a site.

We arrived at the meetup just in time for some delicious pizza (YES - Drupal does feed your body as well as your mind sometimes) and lo and behold, there were about 20 people that showed up.

The highlight of my night was when my friend asked if anyone thought he could create his site using the Commerce Kickstart Drupal profile. He had already installed it and had started seeking tutorials on how to set it up - the resounding answer was - of course - yes... but the better part is that a couple of people took great interest in his project (they were probably musicians) and right then and there, they walked him through a few solutions to some of the biggest challenges of his project, suggesting modules he could use.

The best part is THIS: Now my friend will be able to share his knowledge and help other people set up Drupal with a store component. In the near future he will also be helpful working on projects that require advanced configurations for their store - because I have known him to be brilliant at learning new things and now he has been bitten by the Drupal bug:)


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