Drupalcamp Colorado - Volunteer Positions Still Open

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We are looking for folks interested in:

  • Catering / Coffee manager
  • Signage
  • Room Monitoring
  • Setup Teardown
  • plus others

Please reach out if you can help out! We'd love to have you join the team. Drupalcamp Colorado will be occurring on the Auraria Campus on August 1-3 this year.



How might they best reach

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How might they best reach out?

I'll be notified if they

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I'll be notified if they reach out here. Or, by email at matthew (at) dogstar (dot) org. Or post to the roles thread here: https://drupal.org/node/2151059

I'd like to

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I'd like to help.

Setup/Tear-down possibly. Something more technical if there is a need.

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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