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D7, Omega 3 theme.
I have a client who has videos delivered in a View with Mediafront module . The client wants a disclaimer to warn the user of the hazards of using the videos. These are Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) videos and the disclaimer states that the videos do not replace the instruction of a qualified instructor.

So my question is how to do this in the simplest and user friendly way. There are modules that allow for terms of use, but require acceptance when creating a user account, or re-accepting if and when the terms might change e.g. Terms of Use, Legal, Site Disclaimer. The client was wanting the disclaimer to appear each time the user chose to view a video, every time they viewed the video. I expressed the concern that doing it each and every time would be annoying and that a single disclaimer provided by one of the previously stated modules would be sufficient. So I am looking for opinions and solutions. This could also be done with some javascript I suppose, but the user experience should also be considered. Comments or suggestions?


This may have been directed

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This may have been directed by your client's attorney. If someone goes directly to the video via a shared link, the disclaimer is still displayed.

An alternate would be to have the disclaimer as pre-roll of the video, so that if your client later decides to host a YouTube, Vimeo, etc. channel, the disclaimer goes with it.

Good points

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Thanks Steve. That made me remember that the Mediafront module allows for a pre-roll and that would maybe satisfy her needs. I have a role for authenticated student, such that anonymous users, and regular authenticated users do not have access to the videos. I warned her early on that it is possible for students to download videos despite our best efforts to make that impossible (there are websites that do just that). The site is running under https because she also sells jewelry using Drupal commerce (authenticated users). The shared link aspect may not work because the sharee would have to be an authenticated student to view it on the site. I will have to test the sharing issue. I was also thinking, because the videos are delivered in a view, that no one would have access to the actual video nodes which do not have menu links or specific urls. The Taiji forms typically take twenty minutes to complete, and a video that long is a huge file, so we broke them up into separate segments and are compiled in sequence by the view.

further investigation

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After some further investigation I found other methods for doing this. There are some modules, Popup message, Popup On Load, that may serve the purpose. The later keeps statistics which may prove beneficial.

I also found a tutorial that explains how to create a modal window using c-tools and views that could be modified to accomplish the desired result. I suppose it to could be used to collect info on click through rates and users (something else to try and figure out).

But I am still interested about more feedback on user experience.